Thursday, July 1, 2010

Making a grapevine wreath

This morning we went to our favorite park. While the children rode their bikes, smelled flowers, found blueberries to pick and climbed trees, all the usual, I 
 looked around for inspiration for a project. I have been a little low on inspiration lately, still recovering from a stomach virus that hit us this weekend past.
I passed a beautiful flowering bush and saw that it was covered with grapevines growing 
all over and around it. Remembering that the wreaths I usually use as bases for our advent wreath and any other wreath we might make, are made from grapevines, I thought that this might be a great project.
Helping out this beautiful struggling bush, and making a home made base for future wreath projects.

Here is Keenan bringing the tangly vines, after we all got busy taking the leaves off.
We went back several times until the bush was almost free of vines, this I think was Keenan's favorite part of the project.
Kaleena got straight to work twisting the vines around each other, 
such a monkey she is, look how she uses her foot to work the wreath.
Keenan too enjoyed twisting and turning the vines around, his never turned into a wreath, but he took the task very seriously.
Here Kaleena's is all finished 
And here is mine, I was very happy with it, and believe that it will turn brown once it dries, just like the ones found in the craft stores, although I will have to wait to know for sure.
Back home and after a swim, we all got busy with wool, felt, cutting
and sewing 
This was what Kaleena made, and it was added to the big wreath to make it a pretty summer time center piece, perhaps for the front door once we get a nail hammered in.
This was Keenan creation, he too insisted on cutting and sewing the felt, 
and this was what he made,  he was very proud of it.
I made a sun center piece for the wreath
And here is the finished wreath. I think it turned out very cute,
simple and homemade with love.
And I look forward to see it changing with the seasons, and in time be part of our advent wreath.
Thanks for stopping by!
~And have a lovely day~


  1. What a great idea. I can see it working for all the seasons. How handy(!!!) to be able to use your foot as well!

  2. I am blown away by your posts! I keep getting drawn back here everyday and finally realized I just needed to subscribe so I won't miss anything. :) Have a wonderful weekend.

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