Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The past few nights I have been listening to wncw online. It is the regional public radio station of Western North Carolina, and my very favorite. Hearing some of the local bands from there and the general feel of the programs made me think of those beautiful mountains, and although it may still be a little ways off, spring is coming and spring is so gorgeous in those parts.
 I remember having just come back to Asheville, from our 3+ months stay in the Dominican Republic, right before the arrival of spring last year. I was so inspired by the splendid reawakening of nature, and for the first time that I can remember I felt a resonance with spring as deep as the one I usually feel in autumn. Quite a few new beginnings in my life these past few years:)
And now as I face yet another momentous new beginning I feel a longing for spring, the tangible kind of a four season climate.
 While you may still be covered in snow or the possibility of it for a few more weeks, how wonderful to know that soon the earth around you will explode with color and life, 
and the cycle begins again.....
As for spring in the tropics, I will be certain to watch closely for the change that I know happens here, however subtle it may be.
~A few memories from last spring~

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tree Climbing and Dangerous Marine-life:)

I feel I must share some images of this magnificent tree and the children in it.
We visit this tree every day, often more than once, as it lives within the dog park just around the corner.
The children love coming, obviously, and Linus the dog gets to socialize with his kind.
Can you see Kaleena up there, she takes after her Papa in the tree climbing department...
 Keenan has been having a hard time getting down once up in the tree, 
he has now found the way
Kaleena found a way to reach the hanging roots, and always takes a few swings 
before leaving the park.
Such joy, connecting with nature in the city
 And by request from our farm friends over on Homemade in Marshall here is the Mr Linus.
Kevin and Kate fostered Linus for the past year, as we stayed with my sister. They cared for him like he was their own, and it was bitter sweet when the day finally came that we could pick him up.
But here he is enjoying the heat, his old running grounds and his "other" family
This is clearly not from the dog park, but for the past week the life guards have been waving the purple flag, which means dangerous marine-life, watch out... In this case, these beautiful 
Portuguese Man of War. Mostly they have been washed up on the beach, but yesterday there was quite a few in the ocean, so no swimming that day
The children instead spent their time digging little pools and moving the stranded creatures in the hope that they would make it till high-tide. 
Aren't they beautiful, what a creature!
We also saw quite a few of these little guys, the slightly friendlier Man of War.
~A very good evening to you~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This Day

Yesterday was a beautiful winter day here in Miami, it was a day signified by a sense of freedom as I got on the bike and travelled across the beach to meet the tribe for our dear friend's birthday lunch. The air was fresh, even cold in the shade and I had along a sweater just in case. Although there are trees here that show us that we certainly are in midwinter, others remind us that we are in the tropics, where year round we find color and flowers blooming. It was beautiful!
 On my way I passed The Tree, a huge Banyan tree that we have all climbed several times in our years of living here. Miguel used to call it his office and would climb all the way up and stick his head out at the top. The size and presence of this tree is magnificent and I was happy to see it again. 
 I felt such peace and freedom as I rode my bike along the quiet neighborhood streets, feeling ever so grateful to be here now...
 After lunch we met back in Sharyn's garden of love where we shared a birthday cake 
with friends and family. mmmmmmmmmm.....
 Such a special time we are spending here nurtured by the love and togetherness of close friends, letting go of old habits that no longer serve and each moment releasing control and allowing the present moment to flow through us, planting seeds of intention and then trusting, trusting in what shows up, trusting that the universe will organize and bring forth the very best for all involved.
~with love and gratitude~