Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday morning pancakes

Good sunday to y'all. 
We have a long standing tradition of sunday morning pancakes in this little family of ours.
We all love it and look forward to it.
What makes these pancakes especially delicious is the overnight soaking.
I use homemade buttermilk, well not true buttermilk because I do not YET make my own butter.
All you do to make homemade buttermilk, is add a bit of your previous batch, or some store bought so long as it has live cultures, to some milk and place it in a glass jar on top of the fridge over night, shaking it whenever you pass by it. The next morning it will have thickened, depending on the temperature it may need a little longer. Once thickened I set it in the fridge where is lasts for weeks if need be. I use a half gallon glass jar, put a little less than a pint (1/4 Liter) of buttermilk in it, and add my fresh milk to fill the jar to about 3/4 full.
Right, so back to the pancakes, for our family I use about a quart of my buttermilk, to this I add different kinds of flour, usually some whole wheat pastry, some whole spelt flour, a little white flour, I also add rolled oats, and last night I added some dried coconuts into the mix, which was a big hit.
Sorry I cannot give exact measurements as it is a little different every time, I go by texture, and the texture should be somewhat firm, yet you should still be able to stir it:)
Then I pop a lid on it and leave it over night.
The next morning I add two eggs, a pinch of cardamom, some vanilla, a little honey, a little salt, 2t of baking powder, and 1t of baking soda. Once this is all stirred in, the batter is really light and fluffy.
I heat up my black pan, I LOVE my cast iron skillet and rarely use anything else, can't say exactly why, I just do and it gets better with time, if you haven't yet you must try one:)
And then fry the pancakes as you usually would, I use a little butter.
So yummy, and because of the soaking they are really spongy, and so much easier for the body to digest.
They really feel much healthier this way. Because of this I generally soak any grain or flour before use.
(something I picked up from Sally Fallon some years ago)
Try soaking your oats overnight before making the oatmeal in the morning, they cook up so fast, and are much better for you. Ok, enough of that!
And I had to share this beauty from today, how gorgeous is that?! 

~Happy eating~


  1. Those pancakes sound delicious, I've never tried the overnight soaking method. Must try it. I wonder if I could use yogurt to make my own buttermilk? I have a big jar of it on hand. Also a big cast iron fan, I buy all the Canadian or American made ones I find at thrift stores. I think I must have almost a dozen now and have started giving them as gifts to family too. I even bake cakes in them. Love that last photo of the lily - how stunning!

  2. Hi and hello from Singapore!!

    You have such a beautiful and inspiring site! I am really hoping if I can use some of your articles (recipes) in my new website I am sure lots of mothers will appreciate it.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  3. Shann,
    I tried to look up your website but nothing came. Do let me know what yiu had in mind:0 Christina

  4. Opps! sorry it should be instead!

  5. Hi Christina,

    Hope you were able to view the website? Do let me know if I can get your "go ahead".

    Thanks very much!



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