Monday, July 5, 2010

Lavender air freshener wands, and children's art

Inspired by a post I saw the other day on "Golden Sun Family", I set out to find some fresh Lavender sprigs, I was fortunate to find a few big clusters growing by the road and picked up a few. Check here for tutorial on how to make these wands. It took me a bit to get the hang of it, this is a weaving project, and takes a little effort.
Once I got started I realized that these would make great air fresheners for the car, and the bedroom and well the kitchen area as well. The great thing about the wands rather than simply hanging the flowers, is that the little flowers are contained inside the weaving, and so do not drizzle off the stems. The lovely wands have already filled the air with the sweet calming scent of lavender. Once the scent get weaker, a few drops of essential lavender oil could be added.
I added one to the wreath that we made the other day, to add the calming lavender scent to our bedroom
this one hangs in the dining/kitchen area
and this one in the car, I absolutely love to come into the car, and be greeted by the scent of lavender
I also wanted to share some beautiful pictures the children painted this morning. We had some old pieces of wood laying around, and the children have been wanting to do some painting, other than water coloring that is, so we got out the acrylics some sponges and they loved it.

I really love how they turned out.
This one is Keenan's
and this one Kaleena's
so pretty...
~happy, sweet lovely monday to you~


  1. Lovin' those lavender wands...I've got lots in the garden that needs harvesting asap!!
    Wands it shall be!
    xo maureen

  2. we did this, too, and posted a blog on in june. it is one of my favorite activities, and since our lavender is still blooming here, i keep making them as gifts! ours were a bit different, with satin ribbon. yours look so cute!

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