Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The beauty that surrounds us

These past few days have been a bag of mixed feelings for me. It is wonderful to have my sister back, the children love her, and at the same time, it is a reminder that this is indeed not our home, and that we must live in harmony with her life style which is as far from ours, I think, as is possible.
Then today we went to the country, out to our old house and our farm friends, and the moment I set my feet on the ground, I was in heaven. The only thing to be heard was sounds from nature, birds singing, insects humming, and the sounds of farm life. There was beauty all around us, and without any effort at all I was transported to a place of immense gratitude. Gratitude for the gift that each day is, for the fact that my children are nature children before anything else, that they are confident, 
gracious and at home in nature.
That we are together, and that we will soon all be together again. Gratitude that I have within me the ability to come to this place, where all else falls away and the world simply makes sense, regardless of the apparent mess all around.
When I looked around me from one intricate wild flower to the next, at my children running gleefully after the chicks, and at the life, beauty and order of the natural world, I was once again reminded that all is as it should be, and I have simply to be present to see it.
In the heat of the day we did retreat into the half finished straw/adobe farm house and did a few crafts, which I will share tomorrow.
~With love and gratitude~


  1. Wonderful, the pictures, the thought, everything. I'm so happy for you guys. LOVE U

  2. your photos and your words are captivating and beautiful! glad you found some respite for your soul.

  3. We hope to one day build a small cob home. The hardest part so far is deciding where to build it. I hope you continue to find peace in the simple beauty around you during your hard days.


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