Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our yearly 4th of July celebration

Since the very first year we arrived here, we have attended this annual 4th of July celebration.
It is one of those gatherings where families have been coming for generations. This year was the 35th annual gathering. My children remember it from year to year and look forward to it as summer approaches. One of the main "attractions", besides a phenomenal fireworks display, is the baking of pizza in a home made oven build into the mountain side. A huge table of dough is set up, enough for about 300-400 people, everyone brings a topping and line up to make their own pizzas.
This year we arrived earlier than years past, and took part in the kneading of the dough, and therefore became the first to bake our pizzas, avoiding the grand line that forms and remains for most of the afternoon.
After the pizza we always do the hike to the river, it passes through an amazingly rich piece of forrest, full of medicinal herbs, I saw black and blue cohosh, stone root and trilliums. These mountains have impressed upon me in my years here an immense love of all the woodland herbs, and this particular forrest trail has a great many thriving herbs and a very magical and peaceful energy, one I look forward to from year to year.
Once by the river, we go swimming before heading back up to our blanket.
For the rest of the afternoon early evening the children run and play with the many other children.
At dark there is an amazing firework display, and while we missed it this year as Keenan was so tired by 8 o'clock, it is truly a magnificent show, well worth the late hour.
A wonderful day indeed, one that the children will cary with them 
with fond memories for years to come,
and this is one gathering that we are all sure to miss once we move across the atlantic. 

The beautiful French Broad river

See my little mermaid child out on that rock..

Thanks for looking in!
~and may your 4th of July be happy~


  1. I love the idea of the community bringing along their own pizza toppings and baking them in the communal oven. And what a great venue.

  2. this looks like a lovely gathering, indeed! how special for all of you.

    moving across the atlantic? is that happening soon?

  3. no, not too soon. six months or so:)


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