Monday, July 19, 2010

Natural learning

I wanted to share how Keenan yesterday evening went from this
to this
from this
to this, in a matter of minutes
(while sister was doing this:))
and today in the park, so confident and proud, like he's been riding for months
the bicycling due, so sweet
Well what I really want to share is some thoughts
that keep reenforcing themselves as I watch my children grow.
Keenan has been using a "Strider", which is a pedal less bike, for over two years now ( I highly recommend it if you have a toddler, as you can see ours has been put to good use). He loves it, and in these couple of years  he has naturally learned about his balance on two wheels as well as build confidence with the control of his bike, a little racer he is:)
Yesterday I came across an old bike in the thrift store for just $3, gotta love it, it needs a little loving, which is a project underway, yet is perfect for what he needs right now. We brought it home and within three minutes he was riding it, I never held on to it nor pushed him to get started, he just knew how, and he was so proud and confident, it melted my heart.
Now he could have learned to ride a bike months ago without a doubt, yet I always felt that when the right moment came it would be a none issue, and so it was.
The same is true about diapers (and so many other examples I could get into:)), I never "potty trained" my children, Kaleena was ready a lot sooner than Keenan, and with him I simply waited, he slowly wore them less and less until last winter when we spent 4 months in the Dominican Republic. There they have no "natural" choices for diapers, and since he only wore them at night I no longer used cloth, it simply seemed the right time, so when we ran out of the ones we brought, two-three days into our stay, we stopped, and that was it. There was no night time accidents, and the diapers were history just like that.
I love it, and it amazes me, and yet all around me people are telling me what children should know at what ages, while I know in my heart that children will learn what they need to, when it is right for them. 
I am eternally grateful for these precious moments, that each confirm something that I believe we as mama's all know in our hearts to be true;
That learning is and always should be natural.
~Thank you for humoring me in my pondering, and a good night to you~


  1. I hear that sista! My little guy is ready for two wheels but I don't have a good space to let him ride where I live so it's taking a bit more time. I definately think kids know when they are ready to progress no matter what the topic. With my first every girl I knew (literally!!) had children within one month before or after. there was constant competition, it was really hard. Free was a bit behind in his speech and they never let me live it down. Well when he started talking he spoke almost immediately in full sentances and his vocabulary still is well beyond any child in his age group. Don't sweat the "delays" mamas these kids know what they are doing.


  2. Just like his papa!


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