Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A toy and a treat

The other day I came across a post over on Zach Aboard,  and looking for something simple and fun for the children to play with in the garden it seemed just the thing. Flying comet balls, picture a comet flying through the air the tail ablaze. All that is needed is wool roving to make a felted ball, and a piece of silk for the tail. To make the ball all that is needed is dish soapy hot water and friction between the hands, yet do check the link above for a full tutorial if needed.
Once you have a dry felted ball,  sew a silk tail around the center of the ball, 
 throw it and watch it fly, simple as that...
The children had so much fun with these simple toys, not only throwing them high into the air and catching them, but also running or swinging with them watching the tail follow, 
so simple 
and such a joy for them.
Another inspiration came from Childhood Magic, I am always looking for fun ways to serve cold treats to the children on these hot summer days, they simply love anything that comes in frozen form, and these little frozen orange cups have now become the new favorite. Kaleena told me that this was her favorite dessert, so delicious!
All you do is squeeze the juice of and orange, or however many you are making (make sure the oranges are washed and organic, as the children end up with half the rind in their mouths), then simply pour the juice back into the orange "cups" and freeze.
For an extra treat, I used a piece of mango, and a few strawberries in the ones below, blended it with the juice and froze, we will have those tomorrow.
Kaleena kept checking on them right up until bed time, they may have to become breakfast tomorrow, she is so excited to have them. 
I was thinking that they would be a lovely treat for a children's celebration.
And remember (if you live where it gets cold in winter), to dry out your orange rinds in the sun, to use as fire starters and to scent your home with lovely orange on a cold winters day..
So grateful for all the lovely inspiration out there
~Have a wonderful day~


  1. I love the comet balls, they are so beautiful!

    I am glad you enjoyed (my) frozen orange juice in the shell!

    The kids certainly enjoy them and mama does too, we do this every year with lemonade too!

  2. So cool! I've been wanting to make both of those things ever since I saw them. :)

  3. We make boring OJ popsicles all the time...duh...put them in their own shell...yay! Way more fun.
    Thanks for the idea! :)

  4. Mmmm those oranges with mango and strawberry look divine. I'll be trying them at the weekend! Thanks x

  5. Yours look fabulous! So exciting to see the comet ball love spreading!


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