Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Naturally Fun Parties for Kids; a lovely book

These days buying books is a rare luxury for me, so when I saw on another blog that 
Anni Daulter was offering her new book to bloggers 
in return for mentioning her book on your blog, 
 I immediately reached out. I have had my eye on one of her other books; 
The Organic Family cookbook, for some time, and felt certain that I would like her new book;
Naturally Fun Parties for kids 

A few days ago I finally received the book, 
by way of a friend in Miami, and I was not disappointed.
As for the first impression I just adore the pictures and the general set up of the book; 
little fairies fluttering about in flowing dresses, big smiles and shiny eyes. And the book being dived into four main chapters, each focusing on a separate season.
Everything in this book has the feeling of the natural world. 
The invitations are handmade and unique.
Most of the settings require nothing more than your backyard, a park or your own living room.
Decorations are simple and mainly taken from the natural world and complemented with things most of us will already have at home already.
The crafts and projects are simple and fun, and it is the attention to details that give each celebration a full and well rounded feeling. 
The recipes look so yummy and healthy and offers something for everyone.

I personally, am much more likely to take inspiration from here and there in the book and use 
the recipes, crafts and ideas for both party and everyday. 
The beauty of this book though, is that for those who prefer to have a complete party plan from beginning to end, it is beautifully offered here. 

As we head from the land of the mango to the land of the berries I am looking forward to host a jam making party with the children, and the cookie give away celebration around Christmas time is also planting seeds of inspiration for the coming holiday season.
Truly this book is filled with wonderful ideas and will be a treasured addition in our library.

My personal thanks to Anni Daulter for gifting this book to me!

I will return to this space once we have arrived safely on the other side of the 
Atlantic Ocean a few weeks from now.