Saturday, July 10, 2010

Green super goodness, and Kombucha update

Happy saturday to all!
 I wanted, among other things, to share one of our food passions; Spirulina, click for more info.
It is one of my husbands absolute favorite foods, second perhaps only to his "famous" pesto. Anyways being a mostly vegetarian family these spirulina shakes have really helped us get our protein needs filled.
Spirulina is a blue green algae and is packed full of  protein, 60% in fact, of pure vegetable, easy to digest protein, plus beta carotenes all your vitamin B's and all the other vitamin letters actually, and the list goes on. To make a shake, we use frozen bananas, we always keep broken up banana pieces in a container in the freezer, to these we add usually rice milk 
(cow milk some how seems to come out too heavy),  sometimes almond milk 
or on occasion soy milk.
Then we add raw honey and almond butter, blend it all up and enjoy. We have also added nutritional yeast, black strap molasses, soaked cashews or wheat germ all depending on what we have on hand.
Best of all the children LOVE these shakes, they have been raised on them and have no issue what so ever with the green fishy smell of the powder of the thick green consistency of the shake.

this is what the powder looks like (in case you are not familiar with this super food)
yum!!! Truly delicious..

No more pictures momma!!
And I wanted to share my Kombucha progress. A few weeks ago I set out to 
grow my own Kombucha mother, and two weeks later to brew my first batch using this mother. Today I enjoyed a first glass of this batch. It turned out so delicious, perfectly fizzy, not too sweet~perfect~ I am so happy with it, I mixed a glass with some of the echinacea syrup from the other day and that too tasted great, the children really liked it like this.
I poured the batch into two glass bottles and saved a quart to start a new batch.
(if anyone reading this is from the Asheville area, and would like a mother to start a batch, 
I now have an extra, if so leave a message in the comment section)

~May your day be wonderful~


  1. Yay- I'm so glad the kombucha worked out! How resourceful of you. And love the green drinks.

  2. Oh, I could do with a glass of that! Glad it worked out too!


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