Monday, July 26, 2010

Pouches to keep cool

In these parts August, and in this case the end of July, is extremely hot. Hot and humid all through the day and night, the early early morning brings a couple of hours of relief, but the nights are very warm, and in this house we have no AC, in fact a few years ago no one did around here, because it was never needed, yet lately the summers here, like everywhere else have been getting more and more hot.
This makes it difficult for the children to go to sleep at night, as it is still light out, and very hot in the room, even the ceiling fan brings little relief, so we decided to make little cooling bags to lay over the chest or forehead, and let me tell you, it really works well. The coolness on the forehead cools down the body enough that it makes it much easier to go to sleep, once the children were asleep, I popped them back in the freezer and used them myself, heaven!!!
I found these pants at the thrift store, soft cotton and with a convenient drawstring at the bottom, and cut them off at the size I wanted.
Then I turned them inside out, hand stitched the bottom, a sewing machine would have been nice, but I have still to bring the one here out of it's long time basement hibernation. I then added a little heart to the fronts, and voila... quick and easy

In a bowl I mixed some older rice from the back of the pantry, with some lavender flowers to add the calming scent of these beautiful flowers to our sleepy pouches. 
Filled the pouches, tied the string and double wrapped them to make sure the rice did not escape and set them in the freezer for the rest of the day. At bedtime we brought out our pouches and the children fell asleep keeping them close.
I am so happy with this bed time addition, as going to sleep lately have been a real struggle with this heat. Lovely indeed!!!

~May your nights be cool and calm~


  1. That's a really good idea! They came out very cute too.

  2. Your little ones are just so cute!

  3. This is such a wonderful idea.

  4. brilliant! nice to warm up for those cooler nights that will one day come, too. july has been a scorcher, can't imagine what august has in store for us!


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