Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The magic hour

No other time holds a sense of magic for my little girl like the hour of dusk. I am reminded of this again and again, as it is without a doubt her most peaceful time of the day, 
for this child of mine is one filled with fire. 
Yet at this hour she is at one with the fairies, fluttering about in a world filled with magic and surrender.
This evening, it was the flowers in the front yard that had her enthralled. And I must say the lilies just in bloom are magnificent, and the scent unbelievable.
These photos don't quite capture the size of these flowers, for they are indeed huge!  
So Kaleena comes running to show me how she has pollinated her face, and she sure had. It took a lot of scrubbing to get that pollen off.
But how precious!

And before she flittered into bed she brought me this beautiful bouquet.
The flower fairies have certainly worked their magic on her.

And I must share yet another beauty..
Look at those tiny little spirals, how intricate, such perfection.
I certainly share my daughters love of flowers, how could one not..

~May your evening be filled with magic~


  1. gorgeous photos! those flowers are magnificent! how could she not be enraptured?

  2. Dusk is certainly a magic time. I love how your daughter pollinated her face!

  3. i just saw this! it's so beautiful! i love that you see the magic in everything, no wonder kaleena does too.

  4. Gorgeous and inspirational. I love the pollen - fairy make up.

    Love & light, Nicole


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