Monday, August 13, 2012

Nøkken; A children's garden. Nøkken; En have for børn.

Nøkken is a Waldorf  garden-preschool located in Copenhagen.
I read about Nøkken here when I first got interested in the Waldorf approach to 
early childhood "education" almost nine years ago, and now for the next year I will be working there.
Funny isn't it, that I should now be caring for other peoples children as I have just sent my own off to a Waldorf school for the first time as well.
I feel it is good and right for my children to be spending a few hours a day in a lovely 
Waldorf school, they love it, and I must say that I am enjoying this opportunity to 
work away from home for the first time since they were born. 

Nøkken, I feel, is a very special place. So much to learn here, such potential for growth as I sink into the tight rhythm which, I believe, allows for the peace, 
calm and sense of security that this little garden and the children in it permeates.
I feel very fortunate indeed for this opportunity!

 Lots of preparations happening for the coming of the harvest fest..

 Apples from the garden is strung in the trees, made into apple sauce for lunch, cooked for a syrup
or pressed for juice...

 On the daily walks we always bring something to busy our hands, straw to make wreaths
for the harvest fest, and berries to string and decorate also for the harvest fest coming soon. 
The bucket below holds the butter knives that the smallest children 
use to "carve" with when we stop on the walk
for playtime.