Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Postcards from Denmark

It is hard to put words to any post these days, which is why I haven't been posting I suppose.
One day takes the next, and while the situation is essentially a tough one,
we are all managing, I feel, with strength and courage.
My parents are truly handling this circumstance in an inspiring way.
It reminds me of the strength of the human spirit.
 If we think to far into the future, imagining where this road will take us, 
we can easily become overwhelmed with grief and thoughts
of how we might not be able to make it through.
Yet when we manage to stay present and deal with each moment as it presents itself, 
it somehow transforms us and the moment, into something that we can digest and deal with.
My dad, his body fading away before our very eyes, yet the spirit in his eyes shining clearer than ever.
My mom, tapping into an inner strength, I think she had forgotten was there.
I am filled with love and admiration for these two people, for the human spirit, 
and for this thing we call life.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Postcards from Denmark

 It is so wonderful to be home!
My dad is doing well, and has spent a lot of time at home, 
although he returns to the hospital at night.
I am so very grateful for this time.
 It has been many years since I have spent a winter in Denmark and while this winter has been very mild,
as is the case in many places from what I understand, it is much colder than where I come from.
Yet what strikes me every time I visit is the light, summer or winter the light always amazes me.
I find it so dramatic and it makes for wonderful photographs.
 All of these first pictures are taken in a large green area behind where my parents live.
I have so many childhood memories from this lovely area.

 The pictures below are from the same area but taken when I visited this past May.
 A beautiful mama swan on her eggs

And these are pictures from today walking up to town to meet my mom, 
stopping every moment to take another photo...


Monday, January 2, 2012

A children's garden made by children and a new years ritual.

As I sit here in the airport with a six hour lay over waiting for my connecting flight to Copenhagen,
I was delighted to "find" a password that allowed me free internet connection.
The little garden below is one that Keenan and Kaleena have been working on for a few days now, 
and when I say working I mean working.
It is funny and lovely to observe how much they still imitate the work they see around them, and how much pleasure goes into their creations, they really take it very seriously.
Kaleena claimed this particular spot as hers in the first days living on the land. 
It is a spot that gets a little morning sun but is otherwise shaded, 
and it can be seen from the kitchen window.
The only help they received was having Miguel bring the biggest trunk for the table, 
everything else they have done and they are still working on it.
Planting flowers and decorating with rocks and broken tiles that they found yesterday
is still in progress.
I am looking forward to see how it will look when I return. 

For years now we have been floating little lights on New Years eve with wishes for the coming year.
The children look forward to it, and while we have been doing it for many years,
 it is a little different each year. 
The first year we floated little walnut shells with birthday candles in the pond that
 Miguel had built in our garden in Miami.
In North Carolina we sent our little lights floating in a big bowl as we had no other water close enough.
In the Dominican Republic we floated the lights in their big pond, back in Asheville
in my sisters creek in her back yard and this year we walked through the dark woods to the cenote
with our little lights already lighted, 
sitting on little pieces of coconut shells and set them afloat with our wishes.
It was lovely, so quiet and peaceful (besides the constant chattering of Keenan)
Both Keenan and Kaleena were sure that we were all wishing for the same thing this year,
and while they were both concerned that our wishes might not come true
if we talked about it out loud, we assured them that it is 
the intention behind the wishes that matters most.
So this year we said a joint wish out loud and kept a moment of silence after.
It was beautiful and fitting, and is a lovely tradition that we all enjoy deeply.