Thursday, July 15, 2010

Personalized mealtime napkins

The other day while browsing a local thrift store, I came across some white cloth napkins. 
Since a long time I have had the idea to sew our own napkins, one set for each day, each day it's own color, but have not quite gotten to it yet, one of these days though:) Anyways we picked up the napkins, and decided to personalize them using the glue batik method. Very simple and ever so enjoyed by the children. 
Yesterday we drew our pictures on a napkin each, 
I did one for papa, and inspired by Kaleena we all put our name on them, well I did:)
(we used Elmers blue gel glue)

Today following a few hours of yard work we got out the acrylic paints. 
The children just adore painting, no matter what kind of painting, 
it really get their creative juices flowing.
I wet the napkins in cold water before we started. 
Look at those colors

Once they were all painted I laid them to dry in the sun, and once dry I soaked them in hot water to get the glue out, and then rinsed them really well in cold water. The one for papa, had thicker paint, and was not quite dry when I rinsed it, and therefore lost some big patches of paint, so it is important for them to be completely dry before soaking. This is what they looked like after the cold rinse. I felt they still had quite a bit of paint so I put them in the washer after. Once dry and ready to use the color was a bit more faded than what it shows here, and they really look great. We used them at the dinner table tonight, and loved having homemade art work to clean our face and hands with:) Lovely project!

~Have a wonderful day~


  1. we love doing this batik! we have used it on several projects now. your napkins are beautiful! ;)

  2. Love them. One day I look forward to doing crafts like this with my daughter, Luna :).

  3. perfect I just decided yesterday that we are making our own napkins. we gave up on paper towels and had dinner guests over with no way to wipe off their hands. I felt like a huge jerk. But this is perfect. I just recently did the glue batik for shirts and have tons of glue and paint left over. Thanks for the inspiration since I am too mommy brained some times to put two and two together and get three.


  4. I love this. Do they have to be cotton, or would other fabrics work? This would be a great gift for our Grandparents! hhumm. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous,
    I am not sure if a synthetic fabric would work, but probably and natural fiber certainly would. I am so happy you found some inspiration:) Christina

  6. Look great and a good value for personalized napkins. These were so cute. I was incredibly happy with the colors and look of the Napkins.


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