Friday, April 15, 2011

Joy and sorrow

It has been a time of very mixed emotions.

At the beginning of March our little family was all reunited following 27months of separation. It was a joy filled moment, the children and I, Papa and Linus all back together after such a long time, so many uncertainties, so many journeys to different places in search of the place where we would once again be together.
Miguel was deported and will no longer be allowed to enter the United States, hence the search for a place to reunite. 
Here we are in Venezuela staying with Miguel's Mom, who has been so generous as to leave us her place and moved in with her sister. Spending time with the extended family is wonderful and the children are really enjoying getting to know their cousins. 
Initially we had planned to stay here for 2-3 years, work online as well as fixing up a downstairs apartment that used to be Miguel's grandfathers.
We were busy at work downstairs when an old friend out of the blue calls up Miguel and offers us to come to Mexico where he has just bought some land and wants to create a permaculture farm, eco tourism venture, and he wants us to be part of it. He will in fact with our help build us a cob house, a house that we design. We will be paid a salary to help create exactly what we have been dreaming about and planning for years now. Wow, I feel so blessed!!

Right around the same time as we receive this news, I also get news from my Dad back in Denmark that he has just been diagnosed with a very advanced colon cancer which has spread to his liver.
Just a few days ago he started a harsh chemotherapy treatment and my heart is hurting  from being so far away. I feel helpless, and the frailty of life is made painfully obvious as 
I struggle to trust that all is as it should be. 

The joy of being all together again, the sorrow of being so far away during my fathers time of need.
The joy of new possibilities, the sorrow of the pain my father is going through.
All of it seems two sides of the same coin, the front and the back of this thing we call life.

I will be back here with a step by step documentation of our upcoming venture in Tulum Mexico.
Self sustainability, cob building, permaculture gardening, farming, homeschooling and more.
Till then..