Monday, July 19, 2010

Stepping out; a self-portrait challenge

I came across a post last night on Twig and Toadstool, which then brought me to yet another post on Shakti Mama, an idea, a challenge for most for us I imagine, was proposed.
A series of self portraits, different aspects of ourselves, and the purpose being to view ourselves more kindly, be less judgmental more loving and accepting of our own self.
I rarely ever see a photo of me anymore that I would share. I rarely put myself out there in any real way except with a few very close friends. I keep to myself in more ways than I would like, even with people close to me, and had in the days before reading these posts decided to start sharing more openly in this space. Sharing more openly sets me up for being judged or rather misjudged, hence the fear, as well as the sense of liberation by then doing it.
I welcome this challenge of walking into a deep fear of mine, to shed a layer of old skin that I no longer need, for while I am full of fears, I am also full of courage and strength, something being put to the test in my life at this time. I believe in beauty even when it is not obvious, and I believe in endless possibilities.
So, enough said, and my first round of self portraits, raw and simple, 
taken very late last night having just read the other posts. 
~Looking forward to see yours:)~


  1. this is why i love you, friend.

  2. you are beautiful! love that beautiful smile. ;) way to take action right away...i am still saying that i am going to do this but haven't acted.

  3. You are gorgeous, and what an amazing smile! I will join you in this challenge and post some photos of myself this week.

  4. You are so beautiful! Really ... so very STUNNING! Your smile and eyes ... I love the profile of your face in the first photograph, and the angle in the second. I have beauty marks too :) ...

    So wonderful that you're doing this for you ... you're so right ... there is something very, very liberating about it :). I look forward to seeing more self-portraits.

  5. How beautiful! I am glad to see others have accepted the challenge I am getting ready to post mine myself. I am terribly nervous especially since my camera sucks witha capital S. My Nikon is out of commission : ( It's so sweet of you to take the leap and bare your face and the soul behind it a bit more to those of us who stop in hoping to get the chance to know you and your a bit more! Thankyou for sharing my dear, you are a lovely mama!


  6. are just beautiful!!!! Thank you for being so courageous...for sharing yourself with us all, and most importantly for spreading the message to others in hopes that we can inspire others to love that wonderful person staring back at them in the photograph, (instead of hitting the erase button for the upteenth time)!
    Yahoo!!! Here's to the start of some serious self lovin' you gorgeous gal you!!!!!
    xoxoxoxox maureen

  7. Gorgeous. I like your smiling eyes mama!
    No one is judging you here, feel free to open up and share!

  8. Just did mine!

    You are beautiful!!!

  9. I am feeling more courage these days also. Beautiful photographs, it is so nice to be seeing you!


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