Thursday, July 22, 2010

A place to keep treasures

A good evening to all!
My little girl is a passionate treasure keeper. She loves all her treasures, and she has many!! Like a good little virgo they each have their own place. All her rocks, stones and crystals go in one place, in another  she keeps her sharks teeth, other animal teeth, crab claws, and yes even animal skeleton pieces that she has found or been given,  another for feathers she has found, another for drift wood and other special pieces of wood, and so on. She keeps most in special tins we have found, yet her shiny treasure collection was in need of a home. Her collections is growing, as she likes all things shiny, and we needed a bigger container, at the thrift store we found a box, and decided to put our own personal touch to it, with a mod podge collage.
We started by cutting out pictures from magazines, 
we chose mostly plants and animals and pretty colors.

 and here are the boxes before we started, Keenan of course needed a box for a treasure of his too.

then we applied the mod podge liberally to one side of the box

and stuck a chosen pictures onto it
then added another layer of mod podge on top, and continued doing this till the boxes were covered, it is a really fun, really messy project, we had actually set up in the basement, only because it was cooler there, so hot and humid here today, and it worked out well, as the gluey paper ended up everywhere.
It is a good idea to keep a glass of hot water to dip your brushes in if too 
much time passes between applications of the glue.

Here is Kaleena's all finished but still wet.
We added a pressed Blackeyed Susan to the top for an added touch
and here it is dry, it really turned out lovely, and she absolutely adores it.
And here it is full of the lovely shiny treasures, the smile on her face when she saw her treasures in their new home was truly priceless

Here is Keenan's
he put his favorite tractor in it:)
Kaleena was so happy with it, and that of course makes me SO happy!!
An afterthought;
How amazing and precious are these little children of ours, 
they see so much magic and beauty all around them.
In a special rock or a quite plain one, in a broken piece of colorful glass or even plastic, it is all beautiful and special in the eyes of a child, these are all treasures. I am reminded of this as I go through the process of documenting todays craft, and I am grateful to be reminded, because sometimes when the children want to bring home something they have found, it is very hard for me to share in their excitement.
~with gratitude and love, goodnight~


  1. lovely! my daughter is an avid collector too- especially of little things. fun idea.

  2. What a beautiful treasure box!
    xo maureen

  3. Fab project - just what we were looking for! We'll have to have a go when we've sourced some boxes from the depths of Daddy's garage! Claire x


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