Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beautiful vases and lanterns

Lately I have come across a lot of creative projects that include the use of Mod Podge, and I just had no idea what this was, so I set out to find out, and what I found was that it is basically the same as the white glue/water mixture that I use for lanterns and such, except it has an added water based sealer included in the mix, which add a shine or not depending on the kind you get, as well as gives your project a more protective finish. I wanted to make my own and found different suggestions, one is to mix wood glue with water until you have the desired consistency, and another says to mix white glue with water and then add a water based sealer to that. Well looking around at the different options in the craft store I went with a bottle of actual Mod Podge, just to try, this way I know what my homemade one should look and feel like. As for a project to use this with, I have seen on both Gardenmama and Earthboys this past week beautiful flower vases, made in the same way we make our lanterns, and thought that that might be just the project to try out this Mod Podge.
We found some old glass jars, removed the labels, and added with a paint brush, the Mod Podge to the glass, then added the tissue paper, and then covered the paper with Mod Podge, up until this point it seemed much like the good old white glue/water mixture, if perhaps a bit more sticky.
Once dry we gathered flowers to add to our little vases, Keenan chose colorful flowers, I choose to fill mine with herbs, and Kaleena wanted hers to hold a candle and be a lantern.
For extra decorations we added some beads. A few weeks  ago Kaleena very much enjoyed to sit and play with beads and she made these beautiful little loops in different colors, and they added beautiful details to these sweet vases. Also a few weeks ago I had laid a few Queen Ann's lace flowers to dry between some books, and thought that a couple of them might look pretty added onto my vase. The Mod Podge worked great for this,  I am really happy with the result. As I look at the creations all finished, I really like the shiny addition of the Mod Podge, and it seems like these will indeed last longer than similar lanterns or vases we have made on different occasions, where now the paper is pealing off. 
All in all I really enjoyed my first Mod Podge experience:)
~have a  wonderful day~


  1. They came out beautiful Christina! I love the addition of flowers to the side of the vase! I am glad you enjoyed my tutorial : )

  2. ah, mod podge, strange and delightful! ;) i LOVE the pressed queen anne's lace on yours!! kaleena's bead details are lovely, too.

  3. Those are beautiful!!! Oh dear...guess we'll have to break out the mod podge again!!
    xo maureen

  4. They are very beautiful, Love all the colors and flowers... I miss flowers!!! and those precious children.!!

  5. The beads really make it.
    I think we will have a go x

  6. We made these once out of baby food jars and filled them with candles. I love the additions as we kept it pretty simple. Thanks for the comment on my blog I am glad I go to folow you back here! So much useful stuff can't wait to explore all you have to offer. Btw how did youget the thumbnails with your posts on the right? I am pretty new but I would love to do that I keep seeing it everywhere.


  7. Kat, to add the thumbnail, go to design, add a gadget, the specific gadget is add a photo, select your photo and it will ask you for a link which you add from your post..
    Hope that helps..

  8. Mod Podge is still a mystery to me. I did spot some in our local craft shop, so I have no excuse not to make some of these. I love the dried flowers on the side and the beads are such a beautiful touch. My girls are going to want to make these.

    Are you still going to try and make a homemade version of Mod Podge?

  9. Cheryl, once I run out of this batch I will definitely make my own and see how it compares:)

  10. So cute! i love it, thanks for sharing.


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