Monday, November 29, 2010

Woolen Lovelies; Handmade Holiday and beyond

 In a post a few days ago I mentioned how I was making a wool blanket for Kaleena for Christmas, and here it is all finished, except for a few loose strings that still need to be cut:)
I really love how it came out, I must say though it was more work than I had initially thought, and the fact that this is only my third or fourth real attempt with a sewing machine certainly shows...
Still with all the little imperfections I do adore the feel of it, the colors, the heart detail as well as the binding. I feel certain that Kaleena will love it.
 Kaleena was needing a good woolen hat that she will actually wear, so the other day as I was cutting the sleeves from one of my woolen sweater finds, I thought it might make a good hat, I rolled up the edges and it just looked so darn cute on her, and she loved it as well...yeah...
 She wore it like that for a couple of days and today I put the finishing touches on it.
The folds kept unrolling as she was wearing it, so I sewed it around with the sewing machine (now I just cannot get enough of using it). She also wanted me to somehow finish the part that hung loose at the top.  I tied a dark piece of yarn around it, cut it into thin strips and braided the strips with pieces of yearn in between. I really love how it turned out and will definitely make more of these easy and cute looking hats.
Sunday morning as we went out early to find the pine branches for our wreath, it was quite cold, a perfect morning for mittens, as I searched through our winter things all boxed up, I realized that I had none for Keenan, and promised him that I would make him some when we got home that day.
I had seen this tutorial here, and had been wanting to make some. I really love the multi colored look, so cute. Kaleena wanted some as well, and she wanted them to match her hat, so fortunately I had enough left of the same sweater to make her a pair as well.
I am so absolutely amazed at the unlimited possibilities of felted woolen sweaters..
 These are the initial pieces I made
 and this is what it looked like sewed up before turning right side out
 Keenan loves his new mittens, but did not want me to include him in the photo:)
 And yet another really quick felted sweater creation.
Mama Rae from Morning Sun Rae shared with me this patten the other day, and as I was looking for a place to keep and wrap a present for Kaleena from my parents, I decided that this bag would be the perfect place to keep the hand puppets they got for her. This project is super easy,  three cuts and one sewing at the bottom. I did also add some stitches around the edges, for a little detail.
A sweet and simple place for her puppets to live.
Love love love felted wool sweater projects:)
~Happy creating~

Sunday, November 28, 2010

First sunday in Advent, Advent wreath and œbleskiver

 A tradition I remember from growing up in Denmark is that we always had œbleskiver on the first sunday in Advent, and to this tradition I have added the making of our wreath, I always had an advent wreath at home, but we rarely made it ourselves. I would traditionally also hang our advent bags today, yet being at my sisters house we have mixed our traditions up and will hang them on the first of December instead.
This morning bright and early the children and I set out to find some pine branches with which to make our wreath. Jack frost had come to visit in the night and everything looked as if it had been sprinkled with sugar.
It was a cold and lovely morning..
 In the afternoon we set out to make our wreath, the children always take part in the ceremony of creating the wreath, even if simply with their presence.
I make a very simple wreath, and make much the same kind every year.
I start with a grapevine base, and with green wire attach the pine branches and the little cups to hold the candles, I keep wrapping until the base is covered and the cups secured, then I add red silk ribbon around the candle holders and this year I added a few pinecones as well.  
This year the wreath will be our dining table center piece, although I really love to attach long red ribbons and hang it from the ceiling.
 As I mentioned, we light our first candle when we sit down to enjoy this Danish speciality called œbleskiver.
It is much like pancakes really, the batter is anyways, but it is cooked in one of these cast iron pans with 7 little holes in it, I actually got my pan in the states, perhaps it is traditionally used for something else here though, not sure?
Anyways, the batter is a mixture of butter milk 2 cups, flour 240 grams (I used half whole wheat pastry),
1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 2 Tbl sugar and one egg, the egg whites are beaten stiff and added last, then the batter rests for a half hour and is cooked in the hot pan with butter,
and turned with a knitting needle.
We then dip them in our homemade jam and in sugar, not very healthy, but very delicious!
 Then we light the first candle on our wreath, sit together around the fire
and the children can hardly believe that Christmas is almost here...
 ~may you have a wonderful Christmas season~

Friday, November 26, 2010

This Moment

A friday ritual inspired by Soulmama
A single photo, no words
A moment I want to pause, treasure and remember
~sweet blessings~

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thoughts of gratitude

As the energy around us settles down and people gather with their families in the spirit of gratitude, I like to take a moment to remember all the blessings in my life. Thanksgiving is not a tradition close to my heart, being born and raised in Denmark it is not something I grew up with, and then there is the plight of the indians.....Yet over the years it has become a day for me to remember all the things for which I feel grateful. I do attempt to keep gratitude in my heart everyday, yet on this day I make a more conscious effort to remember a few of our blessings...
~my sweet children~
~their sweet laughs~
~Their love of nature~

~our family's good health~
~the upcoming reunion with Miguel; my husband the children's papa~
~the loving support of family and friends~
~true friends~
~homegrown food~
~homemade medicin~
~stunning scenery~
~the little things we do for our planet~
~the love and support we share~
~life, beauty and all that is~
~happy Thanksgiving to all~

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gingerbread houses and birthday cake

Look at the beautiful birthday cake the children and my sister made for me today. 
They let me sleep in, had a lovely birthday table ready and a most delicious breakfast....
How very fortunate I am, and how grateful I am for 39 healthy journeys around the sun..
 In the afternoon we went to see the yearly Gingerbread house display that has been happening in these parts for 16 years. People traveled here from twenty states to participate, and the chance to win $3000. Every part of these creations are edible, some the children simply could not believe were actual cakes, so real did they look... I thought I would share some of my favorite...