Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wandering Wednesday~a photo challenge

Joining Gardenmama on a journey of feet, where do they take us and what stories do they tell.
Today this is where I wandered...

Here I stand amidst fields of flowers, it is hot, it is quiet and peaceful, the children run close by excited about the two chicks just hatched following mother hen around, we are in the country and we are happy.
Here I stand on an old country lane, the lure of wild flowers has beckoned me to follow, my soul is at rest, nature fills my every sense, in the distance I hear the children laughing and laughing..
Here I stand in the tall tall grass, I am hesitant... I want to stay yet it is time to go..
We have our arms filled with beautiful yellow flowers and as we wave goodbye, we close our eyes looking to the moment in time when we will once again live in the rural country side..
~happy wandering to you all~


  1. Looks like peaceful wanderings for you...
    I did a Wandering Wed. post today too.

  2. I love each of your photos Christina!
    Your sentiments surrounding them are peaceful and lovely! xo

  3. I enjoyed sharing your wandering today. Beautiful photographs and your words gave such a sense of calm. xx

  4. Beautiful photos. And I can really sense your desire to be in rural surroundings. You must be temporarily displaced?


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