Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Autumn wreath

The past couple of days we have been working on our autumn wreath, it is perhaps a bit early I admit, yet while it is still quite warm here, there is a very tangible feeling of autumn approaching, so why not welcome it with a pretty wreath.
 I was really excited to use the wreath base that I made during summer using  grape vines. 
Check here for details.
We started out by making felted acorn, I wet felted little balls simply by rolling tufts of wool roving between my palms, dipping it in hot water and adding a little dish soap. Keenan got busy selecting the caps off the acorns that we then hot glued the felted balls into.
Aren't they pretty, I love them!:)
To add a bit of sparkle I also glued some glitter onto a couple of the real acorns. I usually prefer simple, yet thought I would see how it looked, and decided to use these little glitter acorns on the wreath.
We also needle felted a few pumpkins, Kaleena made the one for the wreath, and the others we will use for our nature table. I found directions on how make these here.
Kaleena did a really great job with her pumpkin, this is the first time she used the needle without the cookie cutter to assist her like here.
Besides our handmade treasures we also used all these natural beauties, which we found on our walk today
Keenan made this with his glue gun, little berries in an acorn cap...
Which inspired me to make these
And here it is all finished, 
I think it turned out lovely, with just enough of each of the different elements included. I used hot glue to attach most of the decorations, except for the greens that could be easily woven into the wreath

~A very happy Tuesday to y'all~


  1. What a beautiful wreath!

    I'm new to your blog. I'm really enjoying it.

    I used to live down the mountain from Asheville.I miss North Carolina so much.Your blog fills me with great memories.

    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful posts and photos.

    :) Laura

  2. Wow, it's gorgeous! You will have to fill us in on how the fresh bits hold up. It's still 100 degrees here and there isn't a red leaf anywhere. I don't think we'd be trying out this project for at least 5-6 weeks!

  3. What a beautiful wreath!
    I bet Kaleena and Keenan had a lovely time making that beauty.

  4. it is stunning and i love that you all made it together! ;)

  5. Thats so beautiful, i love it. The felted acorns and pumpkins are great. I love Kaleenas look of concentration while making them, she did a great job:)

  6. That is a lovely wreath. I love the little pumpkins!

  7. Stunning.
    Have to say that I only recently discovered your blog but it is now one of the first I flick to. So much inspiration.

  8. Oh my goodness, so lovely! I just stripped down my five year old Autumn wreath (all plastic, ug, how much I have changed!) It has been hanging on the wall in my craft space waiting for the ideas to start following (as I knit a star for the center of it too.) Your wreath is just the inspiration I needed.

    Thank you for sharing!

  9. excellent! this is a beautiful collection of techniques and creative thought!

  10. wow, your pics & creations are amazing!
    wonderful colours ♥

  11. How wonderful to add those acorns all dressed in sparkle!

  12. Outstanding! I love how much of the materials were found on a walk. Very pretty wreath indeed.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! Do you know what the different berries you used are? Will they keep their color. he felted acorns are beuatiful as well. i've been wanting to make some, but haven't yet.

  14. Your wreath is beautiful - I loved the felted acorns. So nice to see everyone take part in creating it.

  15. absolutely beautiful wreath! I love that focus on your daughter's face as she's creating, so sweet.

  16. I love how you began the process in the summer and now have the wreath to accompany you through the coming seasons. I was thinking today of weaving with grapevines, now I am thinking we should make a wreath, thank you for the inspiration!

  17. Tree,
    I do not know what the names of the berries are, just berries found on our walk. So far the berries are holding up, the fresh leafs are obviously crinkled by now, but it still looks sweet. I may replace a few of the fresh items as the season progresses:) Christina

  18. Love this project! I have a grapevine wreath that I use autumn through spring. It works really well because we can easily just tuck in and switch out the decorative parts as we go along, prestochangeo; leaves for fall, pine needles for winter, etc.


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