Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wandering Wednesday~a photo challenge

Joining Gardenmama on a journey of feet, where do they take us and what stories do they tell.
Yesterday this is where I wandered...

Here I stand or rather sit, at waters edge with my son floating towards me, it fills me with joy to observe how he is almost swimming and how he has reached this point all on his own, the process of natural learning, I am loving it...
Here I sit gently supporting an almost swimming child,
it is hot and the water too is almost warm, we float for hours...
Here I sit with one child hanging on and one swimming under, it is hard to imagine that autumn will soon be here, I gratefully soak up all the sun is offering..
~Where did you wander today~


  1. love the progression :) ... of your photos, thought, and your son's world of learning :)

  2. Love the last shot. I hope things cool down soon, for both of us!

  3. Lovely! That last photo is perfect!

  4. that is a great series of photos! your little one looks so pleased with himself between your feet in the water! so so so cute. i hope mine will learn to swim naturally as well. i'm not in agreement with throwing kids in the pool or dunking them under so they learn that way. we just go in and do whatever he's ready for. but, i must admit i've been a bit impatient (privately) because we live on an island and i think it would be great if he were more comfortable in water.

  5. i remember doing this with my mom...what a lovely memory....thanks for sharing, as always:)

  6. adorable and creative photos! i enjoy your take on this challenge. i keep forgetting to point the camera down. this is my week to make it happen! ;)

  7. Wonderful. I love the colors, the kindness, the cuteness!


  8. *Such* beautiful photos. Love the blue, the little hand holding on, the darling merman. You have really captured both summer and the tenderness between mother and child.

  9. natural learning certainly is where it is at!
    thank you for sharing such sweet photos : )

  10. oh my gosh, what a funny series of photos. I just love it. You brought a smile to my face today.


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