Saturday, August 28, 2010

The beauty that surrounds us

Might I share a few of the moments from our weekly trip to the country yesterday, where we gratefully picked up milk and eggs and marveled at the peace and quiet, and gorgeous natural world all around....
The thistles had me amazed, I find them so beautiful and fierce, and so magical

Kaleena called me excitedly over to revel at the Luna moth she had found, it was truly an amazingly beautiful creature, and it was for Kaleena a moment of tenderness as it was obvious that the moth was coming upon the end of its life cycle
While Keenan revisited a friend, Zoe the baby cow, who is growing up so quickly
We found a place in the woods where a couple of weeks ago the bears had retreated. It was cool and calm, with dabbled light filtering through the trees. It was a paradise for the children and they found a special spot and gathered feathers, crystals and acorns. Climbed trees and balanced on fallen over logs
The signs of autumn approaching is everywhere, and each day more. And while there is certainly no hurry; we still have weeks of warm weather while the mornings and nights gradually cool down, there is for me a certain comfort in the fact that the cycle continues, and as surely as we are now approaching the darker days and colder months, just as surely will we again welcome spring on the other side. I find this cycle so wonderful and life affirming
And I remember to each day marvel at the beauty that surrounds us, (except of course when I get myself stuck somewhere in my own tangled mind), and give thanks for this present moment.
~With love and gratitude~


  1. I LOVE Luna moths... I consider them a sign of good luck :)

  2. The woodland looks beautiful in the sunshine. As a child I grew up playing in beech woods near our home (Cotswolds,England), it is during the Autumn time, I miss them most, a magical place :)

  3. Kendra, Thank you for the name of this wonderful moth!

  4. Beautiful photos and thank you for this post.

  5. What a beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you x

  6. lovely, as always!! the luna moth is stunning. do you mind my asking where do you get your milk?


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