Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A lovely read

I have been wanting to share a few of my favorite books for children, but have not found a way to incorporate this into my posts, so I thought, why not do a book sharing day.
I love books, especially for children and always love when I come across or is recommended one that I have not yet seen myself, therefor I am inspired to share one of our favorites here today.
I am one of those momma's who is very picky about the books I choose for my children.
(come to think of it, I am picky about a lot of things when it comes to my children:))
I adore books of natural beauty, simple pictures and stories, pleasing colors,
and books with meaning and magic, anything that will encourage the wonder and magic of the natural world, and the magic of life.
There are so many wonderful children's books out there, with beautiful pictures and stories, however the one in particular I want to mention today has very few pictures, in fact only a limited amount of black and white drawings in the corners of some pages, yet the stories of these books, for there are 4 all together, are absolutely enchanting. I am talking about the books of Tiptoes Lightly.
We have read all the books, yet presently have just  2 with us. The favorite these days is 
"The magic Knot", this is in fact the last in the series. The first being, The tales of Tiptoes Lightly, then comes; The festival of stones, then Big-stamp two-toes the barefoot giant (centers around spring), and finally the Magic knot. They can however be read independently of each other and in any order.
The festival of stones, centers around the autumn and winter festivals, 
and would perhaps be appropriate if you were to consider getting one book now. 
These books are free-flowing adventures into the realms of wonder and magic
characteristic of little children. They were written and used by a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher, and are simply such wonderful little books. If you haven't yet, they are most certainly worth a read. I have yet to hear of any child who doesn't just Love these whimsical stories of fairies and gnomes, water and wind spirits and a wide range of animals found on farmer Johns land.
So here they are again with a link as well.
I hope your children might enjoy these as much as mine.
Do you have a special book that you would like to share, if so I would love to hear about it.
~Happy reading~


  1. Oh yes, those are some of our favorite books ever. The Festival of Stones is very nice to begin in autumn and read slowly until the winter holidays.
    We have actually not been reading these books so much the oast couple years, I miss them!

    And I love to find others who are so thoughtful (particular!) when it comes to books for our children :)

  2. My kids are still pretty young, so some of MY favorite children's book have to wait a few more years to be read to them ;o) Right now we love the story about little baa. It is such a sweet story about the mommy-child bond and the drawings are breathtakingly beautiful. I am also very picky about books, so I totally understand where you are coming from :o)

    Happy reading!

  3. I think I will have to get these, they sound beautiful.

  4. They sound like beautiful books. Thanks so much for sharing. We have been reading, "Mama, is it Summer Yet?" and my children have been enjoying the beautiful illustrations.

  5. Oh I have considered buying these to read to our children for many years now and thank you for giving me the final nudge to do so.
    I also love books and am choosing what I purchase for our children. As the librarian at our little local rural library (opoen just 6 hours/week) , I am able to purchase a small amount of books as well.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  6. I adore books... I may have to invest in a few more. ;)


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