Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A hike

To escape the heat today we went on a hike in the mountains, we went up to 3600ft, and it felt like a mild fall day up there. When we arrived the mountains were covered in fog that then slowly dissipated as the morning wore on, there was a cool breeze and it was nothing less than delightful to actually feel a bit chilly for a moment. 
All of my reference books are in boxes, does anyone know what this little flower is, so mystical looking?
The high meadow
 Kaleena found a climbing tree, they both climb so high now, thankfully they are very safe climbers with attention to their grip, and I adore to observe their agility and confidence growing with each tree they climb
we even found some blackberries and also a few blueberries:)
The children found concentrations of Mica, a beautiful shiny mineral common in these mountains
 and Kaleena who would run far ahead would find a spot to sit and fiddle with leafs, sticks and straw, so at home in nature, ahhhh
These mountains are indeed, even on a day like today with low visibility, so beautiful!!
~a very happy evening to you~


  1. these are such wonderful and vibrant photos!!! LOVELY!

  2. Gorgeous. We don't have mountains here. Many forests though, which are beautiful, especially in the fall.

  3. I loved your hiking pictures :-) Amazing, breathtaking, refreshing! We would of loved to of been there as well, we love to hike as a family too. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. that little flower is a ghost flower, corpse plant, indian plant, Monotropa uniflora, google it. I have many growing in the summer in my wooded backyard. When I first found it I looked it up and found several interesting facts about it.

  5. looks like a wonderful day trip! I love your wondering wednesday post from yesterday:)

  6. Hi! I just have to say that I love your blog, I just love the pictures! and everything you do with your children!

    //Maria from Sweden

  7. I have been looking at your blog a lot very recently, getting craft ideas. Today when I noticed the hiking photos, it all looked very familiar to me and then I realized that you live in the same town as I do! Perhaps our families will meet up one day... looks like we have very similar interests.

  8. Thank you Lacy for the flower info, I will definitely look it up

  9. i have been thinking of a mountain escape from this heat. it is beautiful here! ;)

  10. So beautiful! We were just at Mount Mitchell on Sunday, and we found raspberries while we were there. It was 69 degrees F when we reached the top! I had so many pictures that I haven't gotten around to blogging about it. I love the Appalachians :)


    p.s. We had so many Indian pipes where we lived in VA Beach, and another plant that has a similar function is squaw root. It is also lacking chlorophyll and looks sort of like a yellow-white to brown pinecone, but they aren't related.

  11. looks like a wonderfull trip.
    Such lovely photos too xx


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