Monday, August 16, 2010

A little Peace of Paradise

I just cannot help but to share our adventure of today (well yesterday by the time I post )
A friend wanted to share a new swimming hole she had found, so this morning we packed up and headed for the mountains, yeahh!! This place was absolutely amazing, I will most certainly be back. The swimming hole was in a river where the water had pooled to create a deep, clear and green oasis. The picture does not quite show just how deep and clear this little lake really is, it was in fact deeper than what I could reach. It was cold, VERY cold, and yet I could not get enough of this refreshing water. It was so invigorating and full of life, that I felt a deep healing plunging into the coldness. The children too enjoyed it, though I probably loved it the best. When we left and hiked back through the woods to the car, I felt a tinkle throughout my entire body, my circulation had been encouraged and my body fully enjoyed the sensation. Once in the car a deep relaxation came over me, and the whole process made me think of my ancestors the vikings, who would go swimming in icy water in deep winter. There is very certainly something to be said for plunging into cold clean water. 
I highly recommend it, and head must come under too:)
We were also blessed with a few minutes of a light sprinkle, which made the water appear as if covered with tiny stars in the dabbled sunlight
Yes, it was cold!!!
On the walk back I became acutely aware of the forrest floor, I felt a deep presence with my surroundings and especially did I find the multitude of mushrooms fascinating, and do excuse the ridiculous amount of  mushroom pictures, (and these are just a fraction of the ones I took), I so lingered on the trail, crawling around taking pictures, that everyone else had to wait quite a 
while for me in the car. But look at these mushrooms, so many different kinds and so beautiful!
One of the mountain sides were covered with Blue Cohosh, it always makes me so happy to see these endangered medical woodland plants thriving in the wild. All these wild woodland plants are of the things I will miss the most once we leave these mountains, yes well, and the mountains themselves!
because look at these mountains, not a dwelling or road in sight, no sight of human presence..pure wilderness, pure nature.
It was a good day indeed, one I needed. Although everyone enjoyed the trip tremendously, I perhaps loved it the most. I now feel energized and reconnected, as if I plugged into the earths energy supply and filled up, I can now, with a full cup, return to the city and do what I need to do.

~Thank you for sharing this moment with me~
~and have a wonderful day~


  1. a lovely day, indeed! i love the parkway and all the mountain streams and swimming holes we have here. we haven't been out exploring them enough this year.

  2. Your photos are just lovely! We just got back from a vacation to the Smoky Mountains, Charlotte, and Asheville - I love the scenery in your neck of the woods!

  3. A beautiful place, the water hole looks almost like our place! Mountains are breathtaking. I love the little frames. The children and I must make something for little K. Nice footsies to.xxxx


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