Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wandering Wednesday~a photo challenge

Joining Gardenmama on a journey of feet, 
where do they take us and what stories do they tell.
 This is where I wandered...

Here we stand at the feet of the great Oak tree, so grateful for the gifts of big green acorns that this old tree is sharing with us
~A very happy wednesday to you~


  1. What large beautiful acorns!
    A nice photograph too.

  2. I love this photo Christina!
    The colors all look so lovely together!

  3. I love your basket! What treasure it holds!

  4. I love the colours and texture! And such divine acorns. I'm imagining all sorts of crafty purposes for those beauties :-)

  5. what a fabulous blog you have! It is such an inspiration and joy to view


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