Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A lovely read

With the apple season just around the corner....
Another wonderful book, that I would like to share is The Apple Cake.
It is a wonderful story of an old woman walking to the market to get some apples for a cake, she brings a basket of plums to trade. On the way she trades several times always gratefully and full joy, even if it might mean that she will not get her apples, which of course in the end she does.
It is a wonderful story of giving and receiving, and the joy of sharing.
It has been one of our favorite for a long time and is enjoyed equally by Kaleena and Keenan, and what I adore about it as a momma, is the beautiful message of kindness to others and the gift sharing, as well as the watercolor/pencil pictures which leaves much for the imagination to work with.
If you haven't already, this is a wonderful book to share with your children.

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  1. This is one of our all time favorite books! We keep it out all year round my my oldest loves to read it most around her birthday (apple season) and we make an apple cake to go with it <3

  2. we haven't gotten this one yet! i have wanted to add it to our library. it is almost apple season now. :)

  3. We really love this book too. A favorite from our autumn book basket. :) I can't wait for autumn!

  4. ahhh...marjan van zeyl is my FAVORITE artist! thanks for sharing!!


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