Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wandering Wednesday~a photo challenge

Joining Gardenmama on a journey of feet,
where do they take us and what stories do they tell.
 This is where I wandered...

Here I stand, marveling at the beautiful Luna moth that my sweet daughter has found, there is magic in this moment, and we all feel it...
Here I stand in the quiet of the woods, the children's laughter is the only thing I hear, they jump on logs, find treasures and dance in the filtered sunlight. It is in nature like this, that we, our family, are at our best..
~Thank you for wandering with me today, where have you wandered~


  1. That moth is magical, such a wonder and to discover.

    We wandered through beautiful blossom filled gardens, music from the birds filling the air, the hum from the bees and watching the butterflies dance on the gentle spring breeze.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful wanderings.

  2. YAY! I came across your blog a while ago and since having started my own could not find you, but tonight I am in luck! I remebered seeing the wednesday wanderings and it brought a smile to my face becasue you would not believe how many photos I have taken of my feet in different places over the years. I have never shared them, thinking maybe it was a tad strange but then saw yours and thought great!


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