Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pencil holder

Another homemade birthday present for Kaleena this year is going to
 be this pencil holder with color pencils inside.
I just kind of made it up as I went along, and I think it came out really sweet. 
I thought I would embroider her name, or at least the first letter, 
but couldn't get it right so I ended up sewing on a felt letter instead.
I made it especially for the Lyra pencils, as they came in a tin box, and I wanted a different way to contain these wonderful pencils, they are so lovely, will last "forever" and deserve a special place to live.
I used a large piece of wool felt,  an 18" square, folded up the bottom, and pinned in one pencil at a time. 
( In hindsight, I will definitely cut at the bottom rather than fold the next time, 
as it ended up a little crooked )

I sewed it up with a gold metallic thread by hand, surely it would have been easier on a machine, however I still have not gotten the one in the basement out of hibernation:), and I like the simplicity and innocent look of a hand sewn piece. I added a blanket stitch around the edges, and also added Kaleena's name and a heart for decoration. 
I thought I might add a button to close, but instead decided on a simple leather string which I sewed on and wrapped around, simple and pretty.
~I hope you are having a lovely day~


  1. I *love* that it's hand-sewn. That makes it extra-charming. Such a lovely gift, full of love :-)

  2. oh so lovely and looks so easy to make.... even for someone who is totaly pants at needle work.
    And your right about the Lyras!! Great pencils!!! mine are given the respect of not being on tap and used only for special jobs.

  3. I would love to know why you would have choosen to cut rather than fold if you could do it over?
    We love our Lyra pencils, but they have brought out my son's inner artist SO much, he's worn them down to nubs! I think we may end up buying a new tin twice a year at the rate he's going!
    Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful hand made gifts you've been working on!

  4. so lovely. :) we LOVE the lyras and have been using them for years. great investment.

    i call it a blanket stitch, but i know it has other names.


  5. Boatbaby, I feel that if I had had two separate pieces to sew together, it would have been easier to keep it straight. It worked fine, yet by the end the top layer was crooked, and I had to cut it straight, which again made the "lid" a bit crooked:)

  6. what a fantastic gift!!!!!! great job!

  7. Beautiful!!! I love all the attention to detail. What a wonderful gift!


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