Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Painted frames

A quick little post to share the gift that Keenan made for his sister's birthday today. As I may have mentioned he loves to paint, so we decided to make a painted picture frame for Kaleena.
The simple wood frames we got a Michaels, and we soaked them for a couple of minutes before painting them with watercolor paints
this is Keenan's finished frame, so bright and colorful
and there is the one I painted
Fitting a picture into the heart shape turned out to be a bit challenging, as a 4 by 6 would not fit, and cutting the heart shape to fit the little groove on the back not so easy. Still I think they turned out very sweet, and I think Kaleena will love them.
The pressed Black Eyed Susan that I added with Mod Podge was still not dry in the picture, but it turned  out really pretty
And here is the first little present wrapped and ready, I just love the simplicity of using tissue paper for wrapping, and raffia for tying.
The wreath in the picture, was made by Kaleena on our walk today, her creativity and talent with plants never ceases to amaze me
I have a few bigger birthday projects going right now that are keeping me busy, I am looking forward to share as I finish them

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  1. So sweet! Your colors are so vivid too, what type of watercolors are you using?

  2. I usually like to use Stockmar watercolors, but I have run out and this time used Loew Cornell tubes. They are non toxic and I got them at Michaels, i still prefer Stockmar though:)


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