Thursday, August 12, 2010


As a personal tribute to renewable energy, and because they are fun to make and pretty to look at, and of course because they are lovely for the children to play with, we made windmills today. In the morning we had a little breeze, but by the time our windmills were finished there was not a wind moving, and so it goes:)
We started with water colors, water color paper, scissors, pins and some sticks which we gathered in the park this morning.
I like to use Stockmar water colors, because they keep their lovely bright colors even once they are dry. When one side had dried we painted the other side as well.
Kaleena helped out with the scissors, first we cut our paper into a perfect square
and then cut from each corner just short of half way to the center
then I folded every other half corner to the middle just overlapping in the center
pressed a pin through and attached it to the very top of one of the sticks, making sure to push the pin in just enough to be secure, leaving some space for the paper to move freely
they came out so happy and pretty
and we now have our own wind farm in our back yard, now all we need is some wind:)
~wishing you a very lovely rest of the day~


  1. Every post is so inspiring! Hope a breeze comes your way.

  2. So simple and beautiful! Thank you for the step-by-step! I hope your little power plant gets some wind :)

  3. they turned out gorgeous! certainly no wind here today. yikes, it's hot!

  4. Oh wow, those water colours are just gorgeous.

  5. Those are absolutely gorgeous!


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