Saturday, December 17, 2011

Words to ponder



  1. This is an interesting piece. Some of the statements strike me as essentially very true. Some are a little too vaguely philosophical for me to mean anything really - like the thing about silence being peace on earth. I rather prefer my peace to be full of noise and music and laughter. But the dichotomy of human desire and the gifts built into humanity - all of that is very real, and very sad. Why we harm one another, when the opposite will free us and allow us everything we actually yearn for - love, meaningful work, clarity of mind, freedom - it's so stupid, really, all the suffering that goes on. God must get headaches fairly frequently. I know where your heart hunts, my dear. And you hold your love in your hands. Peace is what I wish for you, and would give you if I had a way of doing it. If I knew how to catch it -


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