Monday, December 5, 2011

Pre moving

 Today we brought a few things to the land. Tomorrow is the main moving day and wednesday we will sleep on the land. Linus is restless these days and the moment we went to the car he jumped in and sat there happily waiting, just to make sure that we would not leave without him. He has been through enough moves with us that you would think that he knows by now
that he is coming with us, but apparently not.
On the way with the second load, we saw a tornado off in the distance, it was far away, very thin but appeared to be touching down, I was happy to be so far away..
 As we came down the dirt road leading to the land we saw this tiny rainbow and Kaleena said she thought that it must have been the rainbow that chased away the twister.
 This is what the house was looking like this evening, by wednesday regardless of where it is 
we will be moving in.
Solar panels, solar fridge, hot water, doors and many details will come later .
In a way we will be camping out for the first couple of months...

 Here is the dry toilet, or composting toilet, almost ready to go.
We will add a composting lasagna, made up of different layers, to the bottom of the solid waste compartment to get the composting started. The urine will run off into the compartment in front. 
All that is needed now besides the beginning 
composting layer is a couple of doors.

 The level of peace on the land in the early evening is something quite special, and quite different
from the noisy days, such as they have been lately with all the construction going on.
Looking forward....

~I would also like to give thanks for the tender and comforting comments 
on the post about my dad the other day~
~His body is tired, yet his spirit is high and his soul in peace.
To watch him go through this challenging time, 
to follow him through the different stages of this event,
and to see him flowing and accepting, all the time with dignity and humility, 
is inspiring, and yet another gift..... ~


  1. I've really enjoyed seeing your home come together, thanks for sharing!

  2. It looks so airy and open and I can't wait to see it after you have put your own homey touches in it!! Your crafty touches will really make it a home!

  3. Whoa Christina a Tornado a Rainbow and that outrageously beautiful golden orange sunset all in one day and on pre-moving day??! How Auspicious and Parallel. Wow .
    The house is hardly in a 'move in' condition and now you will have to live around the workers and the workers around you.It is good you have the land to work and play upon, and even better that you have been to burning man and know how to survive in a desert!!! I am feeling you. I Love you. There is so much a wisdom and strength underlying in all of this, I feel sure you must feel it . It must be being revealed to you gradually on a daily basis and hopefully growing ever so slowly( because it is all we can seem to handle) into a constant state of grace and profound peace . I Love you,Sharyn

  4. i'm glad to hear about your dad's strong spirit. your new home is going to be a magical place to be! the rainbow picture is so pretty, lovely after that ominous tornado. best of luck on your move!

  5. Wow. It looks so real now. And I understand Linus. Our Sully is the same way - always as if THIS time we might leave him behind. But then, I should admit that I understand it myself, because of myself, too. Always sure that eventually, I will be forgotten and left behind. Perhaps by the time I am very old I will have grown up past that. And tornados. I hate 'em. The world does have a tradition of chasing away the frightening weather with rainbows, yes? Good luck tomorrow.

  6. looove the progress of your house. Good luck with the move. Enjoy!

  7. Hah, stumbled on an adventure, what a house! beautiful pictures!

  8. I cant get enough of your blog/pics. I would love to speak to someone about the home. I know your not keen on all the concrete however it seems a very durable medium and concept. You have an amazing blog and beautiful family. Congrats on a grand life of adventure.

    Jealous in Houston.


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