Monday, December 12, 2011

Around the Land

Given that we do not have internet at the land yet, and probably not for a while, my posting here will be sporadic and short. I thought I would share a few pictures from this morning, we had a lot of rain last night and everything was fresh and filled with dew. So beautiful and peaceful!
Adjusting to life on the land is certainly not without its challenges.
We spent the weekend in Playa del carmen celebrating two birthdays, and when we returned
the dog of the land, Suzi, had gotten into my wool stash and spread all over, she had also eaten the hand and foot of Kaleena's doll and taken Keenan's doll off somewhere in the woods, we found him this morning, thankfully in one piece but very dirty. The little gnomes I posted a pictures of in the last post were also destroyed, enough to make even the most patient soul loose it I think, and I am not that patient.
Today Miguel has been ordered to seal off the house, first with mosquito nets so that no uninvited animals can enter and later we will add the doors.
We have also realized the importance of getting ourselves organized, in terms of how we spend our time, so that we might get the house in order as soon as absolutely possible.
But look at this beauty, it is very hard to stay upset for too long....



  1. My sweet sister..I have to share something with you that is so funny.. just a few nights ago I was thinking of you and thought to myself that I admire your patience and perseverance. And here I read that you think you are not patient..I think you are very very patient...Just the life you have chosen takes incredible patience..Keep up the amazing work.. I love u! MIKA

  2. Ah - the color and the light.

    One of our young dogs showed up in the living room the other night with one of the children's toys; one I am very fond of. It was the second toy destroyed - but in three years, and really, considering how many are on the ground after the children leave, that's a miracle. Still, I lost it. And I slapped him one. Felt terrible after, but there you are - he knew it wasn't his, and now he is sure. I don't usually react that quickly, angrily or physically. But somehow, when it's something of your child's, it can hit you as if the thing was actually a part of that child. So i understand.

  3. oh what a naughty dog of the land!!! i'm sure you'll be laughing soon about it though with your good attitude. the beauty around you certainly is abundant. i hope the kids weren't too distraught about their dolls.

  4. Oh, shame about your beautiful wool and dolls, but my, what amazing photographs! M


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