Monday, December 19, 2011

What we have been up to...

Life on the land has been intense in every way.
There are beautiful sunsets, unbelievable starry skies, amazing silence and such peacefulness.
Of course there is also ridiculous amounts of mosquitos and black flies (that bite even worse),
unending amounts of dust in the house, and all the inconveniences that come along with living
without a toilet, electricity and hot water.
There are moments when I want to scream out of frustration, (plenty of times I actually do scream); from the constant mess, the dirt, the food floating around wet in the cooler, the constant itching from bites and so forth. I remind myself, and the children that it is temporary and keep on going...
But I can honestly say that overall, even with all the little inconveniences,
life on the land is wonderful. 
It is so rich, so alive, so full of "real" work.
The days never seem long enough, so much to do, so much to create.
It is a canvas, a blank canvas, with unending amounts of possibilities, 
and we all love it for this. 
Living so in the middle of the raw nature, it absorbs me and full fills me so wonderfully.

This week we created a new bed. 
Nothing here is just like that, first finding the spot, the removing all rocks and roots.

 Then finding large rocks and building the walls around.
 Creating the pathways around the beds.

 Then adding the soil. We used a few different composts and some of our Bokashi ferment.
 I planted tomato seedligns that were ready for their permanent location, as well as some Kale and Basil.
 Keenan was a great help as usual...

 We harvested lettuce greens from the garden and made a yummy salad...
 with dates, onion, mango and cranberries.
The dressing was olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, some juice from an orange and crushed garlic.
It was very delicious!!
 In a random space created by the making of a path and the roots of an old tree I planted some 
radish seedlings looking for a home.

 Kaleena enjoys helping with the watering...
Look a those broccoli plants..
 Repositioning our seedlings and tree cuttings to a more sunny spot.
I see a nursery in our future...
 The children were determined that we should have a christmas tree.
We found a last one a the local super market, so extremely dry that Keenan could easily carry it all on his own, and very proud to do so.

 And Sunday we finally had the house "clean" enough to bring it in and decorate it.
We will have Christmas in this house even if the dinner is on the floor, with the mosquitos and the dust
and no light :)
 Will you look at this spider eating a dragon fly for breakfast right outside our door,
no not door of course, because we don't have any doors, but the door opening.
 And of course I must have a few banana palm pictures too

 and the other day while watering, it started drizzling and this gorgeous rainbow grazed me with
its, beauty, beauty....
It really makes all the difference when everything else can seem momentarily overwhelming!


  1. You are building beautiful beds AND PLANTING THEM, and we are building our ice rink. I don't envy you the bug bites though. But your land, oh - that land is spectacular!

  2. Christina, you live in an amazing place! you all look so wonderful. I am so happy for you, except for the bug bites! It seems almost tropical here in Madison county, we have been having very unseasonably warm weather, I am enjoying it while it lasts! Merry Christmas and lot of love to you and your family.
    love, Dana (homeschool co-op)

  3. Here is what I love: God must be so pleased that you are using his planet as it was meant to be used - that you see what it is, and you love it for what it is. Not many do. I don't. Only a very tiny, little bit. You are the satisfying guest, the child upon whom the gifts are not wasted.


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