Friday, December 9, 2011

Around the land, and the first couple of days

The banana palm has me fascinated these day, watching how the leafs peal away one by one to give birth to a cluster of bananas complete with tiny orchid like flowers at their tip, 
it is beauty and nature at its best.

 We have now been on the land for two nights, and we are still very much camping and I expect that we will be for a while. This means that we cook over open fire outside, a task that the children especially Keenan takes very seriously, he is the fire keeper for sure.
Kaleena takes great pleasure in cleaning up around the house, which of course is a mess of construction debris, she has many plans for gardens and beauty all around.
Inside the house is still a mess, very dirty and dusty and we still have workers sleeping in hammocks outside. We sleep on mattress on the floor, tucked under mosquito nets and lots of clothes, without windows it is really very cold at night, and humid so it can be felt in the bones.
We still do not have a toilet nor shower, so we are not exactly clean.
Yet with all the chaos around us, the lack of quiet and privacy we are all really enjoying it.
When all are a sleep the night sounds are of pure nature, not a car can be heard, nor airplane or any such thing. Last night Miguel and I sat, well wrapped in wool, and well covered from mosquitos, on the door step of the front door, the moon was almost full and the light was almost bright. Right by our front door there is a small clearing that allows for a wonderful view of the night sky, it was blissful and beautiful.
I am most certainly looking forward to be able to unpack and be able to find things, to have a shower even if a cold one, and to have doors and a completely mosquito sealed house, yet
I am really enjoying this stage of the process for what it is. 
We all are....

 In the garden certain things are looking really great while others are struggling.
The Pak Choy is doing great, as is surprisingly the lettuce greens, the tomatoes however are not doing so well, given the high pH that is much as I expected it...

 and finally there are signs of Christmas, even if only a couple. On our first night Miguel and I managed to hang the advent bags, 7 days late but better late than never right?
 And the little needle felted gnomes or nisser as we say in danish, that I made last year were also found and set in the window sill. 
It is hard to imagine Christmas just around the corner, usually I would be in midst of preparations
every day now, but this year it will be a different kind of Christmas, and I think that that is ok


  1. deep breath big sigh.
    yes, Christina I think that it is Ok.
    I Love You all.
    What a journey you on on...........
    Lehla and Sebastian Both REALLY want to come when they see the photos! It looks just like heaven for them. Ahhhhhhhhh than so it must be.
    With LOVE.

  2. Greetings again from Madrid...thank you for the gift of the beautiful photos. It is always a pleasure to see your part of the world! Enjoy settlin' in and may you continue to find pleasure in every step

  3. So exciting Christina! We're thrilled for you although I don't envy how exhausted you all must feel at the end of each day! It's all so worth it and you're reaping the benefits of cooler temperatures now, right? Can't believe how Keenan has grown! much love from the frosty mountains of NC! Ashley Bobby Evie Mae and Liam

  4. Different years always make different kinds of Christmases. This one is VERY different, but really not so. Your husband is with you. Your children are with you. And you find presents wrapped in leaves and sprouting flowers. All you have to do is unwrap them and stick them in your mouths and you are rich beyond reason. The babe who is the reason for the celebration was born in a very different place - for him, the banana would have been a joyful and surprising thing -

    Much love. No car sounds at night. What a wonder.


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