Monday, December 26, 2011

Around the Land

Besides spending a lovely quiet Christmas on the land here is a bit of what we have been up to.
We made another bed, which has already been planted with beets, rutabaga, dill, calendula, green beans,
and a mix of lettuce greens.

The broccoli is starting to flower...
I planted 12 pineapples from the tops of rotted pineapples that we picked up at the local fruit market.

We have been enjoying the peace of the back wetland and the multitudes of birds that
live there.

Miguel has been dealing with getting water into the water container on the roof from the cenote,
the pump which is not yet a solar pump has not been working and it has required a lot of effort to
have water in the house. 
According to Miguel the view from up there is breath taking, I have not yet made it up there as the way up seems a bit unstable to me, and as it is I am not crazy about heights.

Nothing like an afternoon rain shower...

Huge scorpio in the house on christmas eve
 Our christmas meal, almost entirely from the land.
Turkey from the land cooked Pibil style, sweet potatoes from the land cooked int he coals of a fire, and pak choy from the land, cooked with garlic, olive oil, sea salt and cream.
 The leftover sandwich the next day, complete with potato and all,
as well as mayo and arugula from the garden.
 And this morning we found baby rabbits.
We have found many dead ones before as the fire ants get to them before we have been able to save them.
Two of the ones we found today were one week old and two were about three weeks old.
The children were so excited to enjoy these babies for a brief moment.



  1. Baby rabbits!! Alive!! Best Christmas present EVER.

  2. So beautiful, so colourful, so lovely, so close to what is real. Ah but I'm also struggling with envy...your heat, sun, and flourishing plants...our mud, rain, winter. We're moving into our home in the woods in 3 weeks..I'm so excited to see how you are all doing, really inspiring. But I don't think I'l be growing pineapple any time soon!

  3. The meal looks delicious!
    I hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas.Thanks for keep sharing the pictures of you guys work progress over there. It is just incredible!


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