Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Children at play and daily rhythms...

How different life is these days.
I get up with the rooster at sunrise and more or less go to bed with the sun also,
well not quite but these days I am usually in bed around 8pm.
Each morning the first task is turning on the fire to boil water and toast the bread,
sometimes getting eggs from the chickens and making scrambled eggs is included.
Then I head to the garden where in just a few days we have already made lots of progress.
Usually by midday I head to town to Skype with my dad and get things that are needed. 
Then back in the garden until it is time to get the fire going again for dinner, then story and bed.

I truly love this work, tending the land, being part of it...... it is wonderful.
What I enjoy the most though is watching the children and how their creativity
is blossoming once again. They are so peaceful out here, they always 
find something to do, and always something creative.
Keenan is working with his tools since early morning, and Kaleena too actually.
They go exploring, find little special areas, where they clean up plant flowers or climb trees.
All day they are entertained and happy, a sense of peace that I have not felt from them since 
our house in the woods in NC.
This is indeed why I want to raise my children in nature...

 Kaleena made this little house for her cat Lily, she made the latter herself and the little cat shelf, also the bed with all her little homemade collars too, so precious..

 One of the newly hatched chicks was killed by fire ants and 
the children buried the little creature tenderly.
 Here are some of the areas that I have been working on, it is hard to really see the progress because I have been dropping all the weeds and cuttings on the ground as mulch. But I have planted many
Papaya trees, a couple of bitter Orange trees, an Avocado tree and many Chaya bushes.
Also many flowering bushes and colorful foliage. 
I am looking forward to see everything settled and established.

 One of their many wanderings...

 Last night we picked the first ready Pak Choy and cooked it over open fire, it was so delicious!!


  1. ooooooooohhhhhhhh So nice to see you settling in!!!
    Thank you for the wonderful updates and amazing photographs.
    Warm Hugs and a Kiss to each of you.

  2. Hey Christina, really evocative photos, what lucky children! It feels like they've grown taller even since I first came across your blog a few months ago. What a way to live. Do tell, what do you put with the pak choi..? M

  3. Mia,
    All I added was garlic, olive oil, sea salt and a little cream, over the fire for a of couple of minutes...yum!

  4. Oh sounds delish Christina, thanks for that, I always wonder what to cook it with : )Thanks for your visit to my blog. Blessings, M

  5. I am here late, having been caught up in a flurry of non-land Christmas preparations. But I love to come here for a rest - and see the children's faces, and the work you have done with the plants. I am catching up. I have not left you.


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