Thursday, December 29, 2011

The little things..

I thought I might share some of my more challenging moments from these past days, but why put my attention there?
 Part of life will always be challenging and it will always depend on how we deal with these challenges that determines how much they affect us.
The constant mess and dirt in the house, with workers constantly in and out can certainly drive my crazy if I let it, and sometimes I do let it. 
Yet if I remind myself to take a deep breath, and tell myself that this too shall pass, 
that everything, this included, is temporary, then I can take a step back, 
and allow the mess to be, and go on with my day and my work.
The same goes for our toilet situation which is also getting tiring, especially for Kaleena and I,
who must crouch in the forrest floor and hope to not encounter critters or stinging plant while doing so.
Yet I know that soon we will have the composting part of the toilet ready and will once again enjoy the simple pleasure of sitting inside in peace to take care of business.
This way of living certainly has a way of teaching us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, 
and not take anything for granted.
Such as going to the bathroom inside, a hot shower (it will probably still be awhile before we can add that to our everyday comforts), cooking inside on a stove (yeahh, we now have a gas stove and no longer need to start a fire to boil water), having closets to put away things and doors so that not every little critter of the forrest will enter when the rains makes them seek shelter.
Yes, surely it can be uncomfortable and messy living like this, but as we each day make little progresses
we can truly see and feel the fruit of our labor and that alone is very satisfying.
Also the beauty always helps to bring peace to our hearts, because each day there is something new and amazing to wonder at, and to remind us about the perfection of the natural world.



  1. I remember building our house and we lived with two children in a small caravan, it was not always easy, but the joy was seeing our house rise up. Lovely photos, cheers Marie

  2. fruit of labor. I love it. I don't see it often, but when I do - it's very sweet.

    Your photographs are beautiful. The happiness I see in the faces is beautiful. You are the mother - it's your job to stage manage and fuss over tracked in mud. But it is more your job to see what is important. And that's what you have shown me here.

  3. that looks so beautiful, love the diving shot

  4. Yes, important life lessons you have shared here. And are sharing with your children.

    New Year blessings...


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