Saturday, October 23, 2010

The beauty that surrounds us

As the energy in our little temporary household intensifies nothing calms my spirit as a walk in the woods, and just now as it appears that the autumn color display is at it's near peak, it is really a sight to behold. It speaks to my soul the constant changing of nature.
It is a helpful reminder, that although our lives right now are permeated with separation and rootlessness, this too shall pass, because just as sure as the leaves will change and fall during these coming darker months, just as surely will they return and flourish in the lighter days just on the other side.
 I am feeling a little tired these days. I miss my husband and our family life, I long for a place of our own, and yet I am filled with gratitude for this time spent with my sister and her daughter. Our time together has been well spent, and many important seeds have been planted, yet now coming to the end of this two year stretch, it feels like my strength is running out, it feels like I am about to cave in just before the finish line. Of course I will find the strength needed, we always do, somehow miraculously we always have exactly what we need to move on to the next step on out journey.
On days like this I get me to the woods:). To watch my children run carefree through the fallen leaves, build dams in the creek and fairy houses on the forrest floor, the joy of it, the importance of it, it fills me and gives me strength.
I am once again reminded, it seems I need a lot of reminding lately, that though our road has had it's challenges, every step of our journey has had a purpose, 
and for the ability to see this and know the truth of it in my heart, I am grateful.
Once again I look to the beauty that surrounds us, I take a deep breath in , go to that place of peace deep within, and exhale in gratitude.
~with love and gratitude~


  1. The colors are magnificent! We spent the whole afternoon playing in the flowers and trees. God has blessed us so much with beautiful places like this to retreat and refresh our spirits in the pure beauty of His creation. I'll be praying for you in this tough time.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love all the color and am glad that you are able to find some peace in nature.

  3. What stunning pictures, the colors in your woods are just stunning!

  4. Wow!! They are absolutely stunning photos! each one was my favourite lol I cant believe how deep the blanket of leaves look on the forest floor and how vibrant the colours are. Looks like such a beautiful place you live in.

  5. Your photos are absolutely amazing. This is a truly beautiful site. Thank you.

  6. amazing beauty... i too find that connecting with nature will help dissolve all my problems or at least put them into a grounded perspective. i don't know your story or where your husband is, but i can see that you are an amazing woman and mother from what you share in your blog. you are strong, creative, and full of love. i hope you continue on as you have been and find whatever it is you need on your path.

  7. As always, magnificent images. But more important, what you have said. Paul says, "We are strangers in a strange land," which is a funny thing for me to have remembered at this moment - because I love this strange land and its puzzling and painful beauty. But we are creatures who are not meant for ends, or for separation - but for eternity, for wholeness - we are meant to spin stars from our fingertips, and to create bonds of love that will last as long as there is anything real in existence - forever. If I tell you that your word-frame showed me your heart, and I say it here, it will seem almost silly. But it did. And I know something of those feelings. And I throw my arms around you and say, "You're right. You're right." The moment is a gift. But there are more solid things coming. The fact is, though, everywhere you go, you will see clearly; your greatest talent is, I think, accepting what you are given.

  8. Beautifully put. You are one of the strongest women I know. And your children have been rooted and grounded in the freely creative and stable world you have given them in yourself. They are so blessed to have you as their mama. Blessing to you, dear friend.

  9. Thank you sweet ladies, your kind and supporting words mean the world to me.
    How blessed to have women such as yourselves come to this space and share your thoughts so lovingly.

  10. What stunning photos. We've yet to have colors like that here in the Washington, DC area - perhaps a few bits of orange here and there. We took our seven month old to the park and put a few leaves in her hair, which she enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.


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