Monday, October 25, 2010

Handmade Holiday

I have finally gotten started making christmas presents.  (Far ikke kigge)
I am determined to make most of my christmas presents myself this year, it just feels so much more meaningful, and it gives me great joy to not participate in the consumer frenzy that permeates the holiday season, it is also more kind on the wallet and as an extra bonus the children were so inspired today when I sat creating that they started making gifts also. For me there is nothing like receiving a handmade gift, a gift made with thought, hand and heart, and nothing quite like giving it either.
 The link to this pattern was passed on to me from this lovely and talented mama, and I will be giving 
a lot of these for christmas this year. I used a bulky weight yarn, which made them slightly bigger than expected, so now this pair will make a lovely gift instead of being for me.  I love them!!
Nest ones I will use a worsted weight yarn instead though..
 Ahh, and my new favorite craft material is felted sweaters. I have found some great 100% wool sweaters at the thrift store, washed and dried them and voila a great natural material to work with.
I made these "oven gloves" (goodness what is the proper name for such mittens to handle hot pots with?)
for my dad who loves to cook. I made them from one sweater, and still have some left over, cut around an older one of my sisters, sewed it up and needle felted decorations on them. 
I had not quite considered the issue of washing them prior to making them, but I suppose he will have to hand wash them, and anyways he is a very clean cook, as oppose to me:)
and from one of the sleeves from the same sweater I made this handle for my black pan, or cast iron as they are called. I LOVE this pan and use it for everything, and as anyone who uses these will know, they get very hot. Some time back I saw these handles over on A Handmade Life, and loved it. It has taken me till now to finally make one, and I love it. She did knit hers and then felt it, but I used a felted sweater instead, and needle felted the flower on, yes well the flower still needs a little work:). I love how it came out and I love how useful it is. I will certainly be making more of these lovely little ones.
~Happy creating~


  1. Love the oven mitts! We use the wool sweaters for lots of gifts, too. I will send you the link for a great fairy house out of the sweaters (I'm making one for Caleb) Beautiful reminder of a handmade holiday. Blessings, love.

  2. That felted pan holder is lovely, and as I can't knit the idea of using an old wool sweater is perfect.
    Thanks for sharing a lovely idea.

  3. I thought you and your readers might like to know that Parker and I are giving away a set of playsilks from Nova Natural Toy and Crafts!

    Tammy and Parker

  4. Somehow, I had assumed that once something was truly felted in the wash, the next wash couldn't shrink them much more. I should have known better, having washed some sweaters to the point where they are stiff and unusable. Hmmm. The funny thing to me is that, without the prompting one gets in this handy circle of women, I too had already decided to make some of my presents this year. I'm not sure I've ever done that - knitted a present. We'll see how it goes - it seems to be going very well for you. (Finally, I noticed the dk in your address)

  5. I love recycled wool, and I love practical gifts!

  6. I think I will be making those fingerless mits very soon!

  7. Lovely gift ideas. Found you via Tonya's blog. I may make one of the cast iron pan holders - love it and I have the perfect sweater already felted up.
    Cathy T


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