Sunday, October 10, 2010

4 full circles

Today we celebrated my sweet and tender boy's 4th full circle around the sun. It was a spectacular day in every way, and I am so very grateful. We spent the day by the river, the same place where we celebrated Kaleena's 3rd birthday 4 years ago, I was with a big belly then and gave birth on our living room floor to Keenan a month later. Today we were blessed with a perfect day filled with sunshine and bliss. The children played in the water, with mud, in the trees, on the rocks. There was gathering of sea glass, a birthday cake, building of rock houses and making of mud muffins. The children were at one with nature and frolicked in the sunshine that shone warmly on this october day. 
In these moments, these precious moments at one with mother nature, I am always deeply aware of our connection with everything and of the peace that comes our souls when we take the time to BE in nature.
We ended the afternoon soaking in the warm minerals baths of Hotsprings.
A lovely day indeed!
~with love and gratitude~


  1. what a gorgeous day! happy birthday to keenan and happy birth day to you, too, sweet mama! ;)

  2. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Kerri

  3. Oh the magic of being 4, wonderful pictures, cheers Marie

  4. Wonderful wonderful site - you are truely amazing

  5. What a beautiful way to celebrate a birthday! I'm glad that there was such perfect weather for being by (and in!) the river.


  6. Happy birthday to your sweet boy and BIRTH-day to you mama! Looks like a blissful day in every way.

  7. Happy birthday! What a wonderful time it looks like they had. :) You must have the same Indian Summer snap we do. Enjoy the last bit of warmth!

  8. what an incredible day! one that will last in memory forever!

  9. They say 10/10/10 is the luckiest day of the century - sounds like it was for you guys! Happy birthday!


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