Thursday, October 21, 2010

From field to table; a pumpkin feast.

Last week we went to pick pumpkins on a local farm, it was a beautiful windy autumn day.
Yesterday we set about carving them, the children were ever so excited, and we saved the seeds which we roasted in the oven, and the meat of the pumpkins with which we made a pie.
A lovely process for the children to take part in,  from the field to the table, and some lovely 
Jack O Lanterns as well.
The children happily scooping out the insides and separating the seeds and the meat.
 To roast the seeds I washed them, spread them on a stainless steel tray, added a bit of canola oil and sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar and baked on 400 for about an hour or until crisp. I usually roast them with olive oil and sea salt,  but we decided to make a sweet variation to add to our pumpkin pie. They turned out delicious.
 For the Pie we used this recipe, I did use condensed milk instead of  dehydrated milk. And I did add the "meat" of a butternut squash as well for sweetness. (mainly because I did not use a pie pumpkin)
It too was yummy, of the best pumpkin pies I have had.
 Served warm with whipped cream and our toasted seeds, yum!!!
And the three pumpkins carved by the children
 At night just before bedtime we had a little candle lighting ceremony to welcome
 the season where the vail between this world and the spirit world is the thinnest.
~thanks for coming by, and happy pumpkining~


  1. Great pics and the seeds look YUMMY! Thanks for sharing! Kerri

  2. looks like a beautiful day! your pie looks delicious, too! we are carving our pumpkins this weekend.

  3. I love your son's hoodie! Around here we don't carve pumpkins until the last minute because they'll rot in our Florida heat.

  4. Pumpkin mandella, pumpkin mandella!! I WANNA PIECE. And some seeds. I've heard that the pumpkin harvest was supposed to be bad this year. REALLY??? Not here. And certainly not in your hills. Lovely things, those were. Have you ever used a pumpkin as a casserole dish? My pumpkin man told me how, but I'd have to cook to do it.

  5. I have made soup out of the pumpkins before, but not a really great one yet, not one to share...
    If you come across a lovely recipe do share:)

  6. amazing carving skills! i want to go to a pumpkin patch so much and will settle even just for buying a real pumpkin here! oh the things you miss living on an island. . . nice to live vicariously through you this autumn.

  7. Your pie looks yummie, lots of fun carving those pumpkins,, we have yet to find some. We might have to use gourds

  8. Hi
    Lovely season. The kids beautiful as always. We have always made "pumpkin soup" and we just boil the pumpkin meat adding a little salt, and when it's tender, put in blender with cream and butter (to taste). Heat it up and to the table, optional, Parmesan cheese. Love and kisses ;)

  9. how cool do all the pumpkins look just laying around ready to be picked!! THe kids look like they were having fun :)

  10. this seriously took my breath away... how lovely!

  11. I love that top picture of all those pumpkins in the field. All wonderful. Pumpkins are such fun for children. Such great fun digging and deliving our the seeds and flesh and creating the faces. My children love, love, love pumpkin time!


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