Saturday, October 16, 2010

Easy to make kite

Having had amazing kite flying conditions these past few days, we decided to make kites today. We have made these before and they are both easy to make and to fly, even if today the winds had decided to take a rest, and the flying was less than usual.
We used construction paper a regular rectangular shape, folded it in half, and to make sure the fold was properly creased, folded it back and forth a couple of times
then laying it in front of you like a book fold at an angle like shown. At the top it is aprox 0.5-1 inch and at the bottom about 2 inches or so, eyeballing is fine.
 then turn it over and open the wings
tape down the middle
 Then for support add a skewer or the like to the widest part at the top with some wide tape.
This time we used some chop sticks we had laying around, but honestly they did not work great. 
Skewers like the ones you might use for kebabs works great, and can easily be broken to size
we ripped some tissue paper strips and attached to the widest part of the bottom flap for a tail
 about one third down from the front of the bottom flap we added a little piece of tape for reenforcement and made a whole through. Through here we tied the string, the other end of the string we taped to a piece of card board and rolled it around to keep until use
Like I said the wind was taking a rest today, so the kite did not fly as high as other days:(
 but it did fly
 Zoe the baby cow was extremely curious about the kite, and ended up eating one of our tails
Kaleena really got it flying
and afterwards the children enjoyed the beautiful day and the peace of the country side, picking little flowers and making tiny wreaths, and exploring the newly cut meadows
~a good night to you~

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  1. Flying kites are also my students' current obsession lately! =P


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