Saturday, October 9, 2010

More mandalas

Kaleena has been creating a lot of mandalas these past few days. She brings out her box of treasures each morning when she awakes and makes one, this morning she brought out her crystals( I did not get a picture) but I love the endless possibilities of the mandalas.
I felt inspired by her creativity and brought out our woodland finds and glued them on to a piece of cardboard. Kaleena made little creatures which she quickly whisked away wrapping them up for her brothers birthday. I sprinkled my finished mandala with glitter and hung it outside in a sunny spot where it sparkles when the sun catches it. I tried to get a picture of the sparkle but did not succeed. It does look very pretty, an earthy sun catcher.


  1. really pretty, great idea! i am impressed that your boy is using the hot glue gun. i should really entrust more of mine.

  2. Quite impressive, beautiful and meditative . . . and inspiring! Thanks!

  3. They are lovely and I think my daughter would love to do something with some spring finds we have at the moment. The presents you made ofr your little one are just gorgeous, I especially love the wooden blocks.

  4. I love mandalas and yours are always so stunning. Such a great activity to do with children.


  5. These are beautiful. What a way to stimulate creativity.

  6. This post definitely just inspired a nature walk and mandala making for my pre-k class. Thank you for sharing!

  7. HI! have a link at apartment therapy...jajaja!!! I saw the mandala there!

  8. Glorious. Of course. Glorious.


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