Saturday, October 30, 2010

The long way home

Yesterday we went back to the same hike we took last week, only this time we hiked up higher and came to a point on the trail that had an amazing view over the valley below. The sun was very bright and the photos don't quite show the debts of the mountain ranges that lay rolling before us. 
It was breathtaking!!
I find that we head for the country or the woods whenever possible these days, our structured home schooling lessons are short, about one and a half hour tops, working pictorially with the alphabet right now, and since Kaleena already know the letters we move along quite rapidly, 
leaving us plenty of free time to get out doors.
I want to soak up all the natural beauty of these mountains now while I can, for while Denmark is certainly beautiful, it is a very different kind of beauty, it is very very flat. And where these mountains have a wild and untamed beauty about them, the Danish beauty is more quaint and controlled. 
I have once again started packing, we will not leave here until mid January, yet I feel I need to get started organizing so that everything is ready for shipping when that time comes.
Our journey is still long, although I can sense the end of this chapter near. We will meet up with my husband in Venezuela in the beginning of February, with a quick stopover in Miami to see friends, we will spend the winter enjoying our latin relatives and their beautiful country, before making the big move to Denmark in spring time.
How fortunate to be a homeschooler, there is absolutely no stress involving schools and moving, we just pack up up our supplies and continue as we journey on. I LOVE homeschooling!

~I hope you are enjoying your weekend~


  1. Such adventure and amazing sights. I wish you peace while you handle the move by yourself until you meet up with your husband. I hope the rest of your stay is wonderful.

  2. beautiful! it will be so fun to travel with you to these different places. are your children bilingual, trilingual? just curious. my mother spoke german to me and my father english. but, i have mostly only spoken english to my son based on his preference and my own most of the time. i don't foresee us ever moving to germany and my grandparents are now passed away. i still have cousins there and an uncle, but i don't see us visiting every year like i did as a child growing up. but still the value of being bilingual is so wonderful and i do sometimes speak german to ezra and read to him in german too. what do you do? will you homeschool in denmark too?

  3. What wonderful photos. We too are packing up and putting the house on the market. We are going to RV it for awhile. And I too am thrilled to be home schooling. You can do it anywhere and in nature seems to be the best.

  4. Anushka,
    my children understand a lot of danish, some spanish and speak little, that will soon change:)
    I do plan to homeschool in Denmark, if however for a time I will need to have my children in school, there are great Waldorf schools there, I'd still much prefer to homeschool though!

  5. How lucky you are to have such a place of beauty to walk in with the kids.

  6. beautiful, my friend! so glad you made it back up there. :)

  7. gorgeous scenery! Your part of the world really draws me in everytime I see your photos. I too am grateful for homeschooling when things like moving are on the agenda, so much less stress for everyone.

  8. Beautiful photos! We too are getting out as much as we can (before the snow.) I'm so thankful to be homeschooling and have this flexibility. It rains a lot in Oregon so we literally rush to get ready to go outside during a sunbreak. *grin*

  9. They are lovely Christina, so pretty all those colors.

  10. Absolutely stunning views of the mountains. I wonder how much of this the kids will take with them as they grow up? They tend to forget a lot as they move along - at least, my siblings did, young as they were through our first four moves. But there will be some of this grandeur and beauty, I think, so woven into their souls through this time you've had there, that it will be part of their basic understanding and perspective whether they remember consciously or not. Home schooling was like this for us, too - no worries - we went to Paris, then to England - travelled to the coasts, or the middle states - and never had to ask permission from some arbitrary authority if we could go. And we learned everywhere, and sang everywhere and danced everywhere. That - was it a maple? - along the trail, like a column of flame. Your children - and that world. Breathtaking.

  11. Oh! I need some of that sunshine right now! But since I can't have it, (it's cloudy) it's awfully nice to look at your pretty pictures. Beth

  12. So beautiful this time of year around here! Moving to Denmark sounds exciting! Do you have family over there? A new year full of adventures......

  13. The leaves finally changed here in DC. I posted some close up pictures on my Gallery page:

    Your ability to pack up your school and go is inspiring. My neighbor and I were just talking about the future of our young daughters' education (they are less than a year old). I dream of traveling and teaching my daughter as we go... we'll see!


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