Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Autumn beauty, persimmons and puppets

Today was yet another absolutely gorgeous day, fresh morning and warm afternoon. We headed for the country and enjoyed the crisp red and orange colors that seem to permeate everything these days.
The other day we read a story, cannot remember now which it was (might have been Tiptoes), but it mentioned how the persimmons tree was empty of leaves yet full of ripe fruit. Kaleena reminded me that perhaps the big persimmons tree at the farm would now be bearing the sweet persimmons fruit, and today we checked, and there was indeed loads of little orange sweet persimmons fruits ready for eating. Kaleena and Keenan spent the morning coaxing the fruit down from the tree as the branches were quite high. We gathered a nice little pile, besides what they ate on the spot.
We enjoyed the beauty of the country lanes before we headed for our weekly homeschooling class.
The little ones made puppets today.
We used socks and paper plates and bags and an assortment of random nature finds as well as buttons, yarns, glitter, feathers and wool, and the children then were asked to create a forrest creature from these parts.
Next week there will be a puppet show using these lovely little puppets.
here is a rainbow trout in the making
Keenan made a bear
 we had an owl
 a rabbit
 also a squirrel,  a couple of fairies and other wood creatures.

~may you have a lovely evening~


  1. What an awesome way to spend the day! I love persimmons. How lucky you are to have them growing where you can pick them. In the grocery stores here, they are something like $3 each. I LOVE them, but can rarely afford them. I am enjoying looking around on your blog and all the beautiful photos of your children and the land around you.

  2. I love your shot of the vine-encased tree across the road. I can picture squirrels scamping across!

    We enjoyed persimmons as children on the farm - just make sure they are ripe! Whew, there was never as cruel of a joke as giving someone an unripened persimmon.

    The homeschool co-op looks like so much fun. Puppets are magic for children and adults alike.


  3. I'm not going to comment on each post. I'm worn out with catching up after the last weeks' living. But I have to tell you again how lovely your record is. The children -- honestly, do you expect me to believe they are entirely human, and not some sort of fairy offspring, or at the very least, characters out of books old enough to be truly magic and full of charm and goodness?

    They do remind me of my own. They do. They do. The hair, the free movement through the woods. Kaleena's romantic skirts and obvious wonder. Keenan's boyish innocence and willing heart.

    And that world you live in. La. I thought mine was lovely, but yours is - elemental. I do not attract the mommies the way you and Linda do. When my children were your children's ages there was no way to find kindred spirits like this - so I was all alone in my homeschooling, and in my wild forest philosophies and even at church found myself outside the comfortable circle of normal moms. Now, I have no projects or processes with my kids to share, to entice more friends to come and enjoy. So I dip into the past and love what you guys all do, and while I wait for grandchildren to come along, needing some acorn hats and clover crowns, enjoy these images of your own.

    And in all this, believe, against all evidence, that there is still hope for the world.


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