Saturday, June 19, 2010

Art by the river

Yesterday we went red raspberry picking, and brought home 6 pounds of berries which we then processed into 7 quarts of jam. Lovely to have for those dark cold winter days.
Anyways what I wanted to share was the art we created as we stopped by the river after the berry picking to wash off the stickiness.
Inspired by a website I came across the other day I started playing around with the rocks and soon the children followed, it was lovely and so simple, and we all really enjoyed it.

Kaleena has a talent for finding hearts everywhere, she is a lover of rocks and has gathered rocks from where ever we go.
Look at that a perfect heart, made by nature..lovely!

Kaleena's creation

A couple of Keenan's

Love this water flower of kaleena's

And another, made by mother nature

After gathering a basket full of smooth flat rocks to bring home and creating a variation of rock flowers, the children stripped of their clothes and enjoyed to cool fresh water of the  beautiful Laurel river.

And just because I love to finish off with a flower, here is another favorite, not the most beautiful,
yet a medicinal herb I have become very familiar with in these mountains.
The Black Cohosh, this one is a plant I rescued when the habitat was destroyed as a small forrest was cut down to put up power lines.
I love to see it thriving and getting bigger each year.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hello. I was just admiring your rock art - thinking wow I must look at that other website! The rock art is just so beautiful. These photos would make lovely cards! xxG

  2. What beautiful photos. We've done stone and twig art on the beach before. Its lovely to see your take on it and Gwynneth's. What a fun, creative way to spend some time.

  3. Wow extraordinary art. Beautiful. Nature is incredible and Kaleena's and Keenan's hands make it greater! LOVE U GUYS

  4. Well. Okay. Found you through LInda South Africa. And I don't know what to say. There have been mothers over the last thirty years who have made me feel very small and dull - the uber home schoolers who go deep and wide in their preparation and celebration. Not that I was ineffective and uninspiring, but - but - I'm looking at your blog and I'm thinking that there must have been something left out of the recipe that is me - something that would have given me more pop and color and magic. Something you seem to have by bushel baskets. I am sort of sitting on the floor with my mouth open here, looking at what you have done with pebbles and stones - and I live on a river. A little, fast, deep one - but still, it never occurred to me to do this kind of thing just for fun. And you didn't leave it behind; you shot it and brought it home to me. This is so far out.

  5. I'm in awe! It must be so much fun observing the world around us through your eyes... You're such an inspiration!

    I can't wait for my children to wake up in the morning and to show them this blog... There's no doubt in my mind that they'll get excited and very creative themselves.


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